Denver, CO Mile High Meetup Thread


Caught the Bug
Looks like you guys had fun as always. Would love to get together for a beer sometime soon and see everyone. Maybe could have you guys over to see what fucked my year up.


I'm down for a beer soon. I spent the whole summer doing my swap so I didn't get in much wheeling. Drinking is the next best thing.

Cousin Clyde

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Moab: 4/22 thru 4/26. Posting this here to catch local attention, but open to anyone. 2 Jeeps so far. Going to commit to lodging in about 2weeks.

All we wanna know is…


Cousin Clyde

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Doug / Jake, can’t wait to wheel with you guys. Rose and I will be camping and down to wheel 24, 25, 26, and will possibly do something shorter on the morning of the 27th before we head to Arizona to visit some family. Let’s talk trails over the next few weeks!

Three rigs so far. Room for a couple more. Will be bumping this regularly.
I'm taking the wife and kids to find some Sandhill Cranes in Alamosa/Great Sand Dunes later this week. I know the Medano Creek primitive trail is easy in the summer, but wondering if anyone has bin up there in March and what's it like? Assuming snow and ice on creek crossings.
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