Denver, CO Mile High Meetup Thread


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know today is also their annual coat drive. If you have an extra or unused coat bring it with you today. If you wait until 3:00 to drop it off they'll give you free beer.

Just a thought!


Picture is about the same as H8ROADS already added but here it is. It was fun meeting everyone, Looking forward to doing it again.


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Damn will have to miss this one. We will be on the road returning from vacation that weekend. I think I have all weekends in Feb max out though, so will just have to catch the March meet up :yup:


Caught the Bug
Awesome to bump into you the other day boardsurfer. Funny how you meet jeepers in the strangest of places!

Hope you can make it JeepPilot. the first 2 meetups we've had all new people, so hopefully we'll keep it going and start to build a nice little community around CO.
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