GFrench 76 CJ5 Restoration


French CJ5 Restoration

Just amazing how exciting it is with just the little things...

Gauges are cleaned up and ready to go into the dash...

She's starting to look like a CJ5!

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Has been a little while since I posted some updates on my CJ project... Slowly but surely!

Finally got some time on the project yesterday and most of today....

Slowing chipping away at the to-do list.

Weber 38 is now rejetted for Colorado-

New Air cleaner assembly is fitted and all the vacuum lines are now laid /figured out.

Lastly installed the new Windshield today- Has the original greenish tint and looks great!



Well time has come to bring the 1976 Jeep CJ5 project to life!

Has been a long journey and one of the most fun projects I have every taken on...
She comes to life tomorrow!


Carb Jetted- adjustments set at start up baseline-
Top dead center #1 cylinder-Compression stroke
Distributor set
Vacuum lines- hoses all connected secured
Budget friendly gfrench design remote starter box- provides Ignition switch- starter button and oil pressure gauge
Fuel jug ready
Fluids all topped off
Now it is just a matter of Fuel- Air and Spark- all coming together at the same time!

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