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Howdy from Houston! I suppose I am new to jeeping although I've been around them a while. My dad has a JK rubicon and my brother has a TJ rubicon. I've been annoying the wife for a couple of years now about getting a 2-door jeep as a weekend toy and I finally broke her down. Success! We've also got two young boys and they LOVE riding in my brother's TJ. My wife and I are pretty small so its no problem squeezing a couple of car seats even in the back of a TJ.

So I ordered a jeep. It's a 2021 manual sport with the anti-spin diff, towing / hd electrical, tinted windows, and half doors. I was pretty happy to see to that choosing the dual door group opened up the option for proximity entry so I checked that box too. To make my wife feel better about it, I let her pick the color and she chose red. Thank God she didn't pick pink. So as it is, we'll be getting a Pippi look-alike. I definitely plan to pick up some take-off rubicon wheels / tires and rock rails. I might also try to find a take-off 2-dr rubicon suspension, since I want to keep things pretty mild.

I ordered the jeep a couple weeks ago so hopefully it arrives around Thanksgiving...

So, yeah I'm curious to see what else you do to Pippi and I'm happy to be here! Thanks for having me.

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