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I am looking to head down to Moab Oct 24 with a couple buddies. Have never been and would like to hear everyone's thoughts about where to go, where to eat, where to camp, etc.

We are planning on camping Friday and Saturday. Where are some good places that allow fire and dogs?



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I would recommend Fins and Things, Hells Revenge and Seven Mile Rim. A great website for trail info is

You can do each of these trails "free" no need for lockers. All three have a good variety of wheeling. If you want something more advanced, you can find higher rated trails on the website.

South end of town has some good camping areas. Not sure if dogs are allowed.


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I highly recommend metal masher super fun trail it will show what your jeep can do great for photos and the views at he top are spectacular it's rated 6 hells revenge in the late evening and watch the sunset on the trail is bitchen fun trail at night


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I highly recommend metal masher super fun trail it will show what your jeep can do great for photos and the views at he top are spectacular it's rated 6 hells revenge in the late evening and watch the sunset on the trail is bitchen fun trail at night

Hold me....


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Every time ive gone to Moab we stayed up in the national forest below Mt Waas. As with all national forest fires are allowed depending on fire danger and dogs are allowed. It added around 30 minutes of driving each way to town, but it's much more comfortable temp wise then staying near town in July/August.

Edit: My first time in Moab I did fins n things, 7 mile rim, poison spider/golden spike, and I beleieve it was called kane creek
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We just did our first trip to Moab for Labor Day weekend. Looked at camping but we just ended up renting a condo for a couple days. Splitting between a few couples it was actually very cheap. Plus we cooked most our food at the house. We also had a garage for storing tops and doors and to wrench if needed. As for trails, we did fins n things, porcupine (don't waste your time) and hells revenge. We are a basically stock rubicon. Fins was good to get our feet wet and hells added some challenge. You kind of pick your poison. I suggest the Charles Wells book for trail info and the website mentioned above for trail rating. Let me know if you decide to forgo camping and I can give you the info for where we stayed. No matter what you're gonna have an awesome time.


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I think some of the best camping is along the Colorado River but these fill up quick. Being that you are going late October, it might not be so busy.


What about Sand Flats? I know they Fins and Hells are within the rec area but if there are campsites on the river I would take that.


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Lots of fooding in moab

No shortage of places to eat in Moab, the burger shack on your way into sand flats (slick rock, hells revenge, fins and things, ect) is my favorite, but i mountain bike there too, so a bacon bison burger is usually the needed amount of calories. I like to camp at the KOA, it's the only way I know to reserve a place, I camp in the mountains as a backup, but only in the warmer months. I wish you were going the 30th, I'd be free to go... the last time I was there I had a brand new stock JK, now it's on 35s and I want to go back.


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Went to Moab for the first time a couple weeks ago. We are already planning the next trip since it is only 6 hours away. It is the Mecca of wheeling. We did Fins, Hells Revenge and Poison Spider. May the Lord bless and keep your Jeep, may he rain countenance upon your rig and be gracious into it. And give it peace.


We frequent Moab! Been going twice a year since I can remember. There are great camping be spot on BLM land south of town on the way to Behind The Rocks. They line the dirt road into the area. Fires are allowed as long as you bring wood as you cannot collect wood around camp. This area does require a porta-potty. I have camped there several times with dogs and never had an issue. They are first come first serve, but this late in the year I wouldn't stress finding a place. Tons to choose from and free! If not there are camping places all along the Colorado river off of Kane creek road. I have not stayed in them but I believe you must pay/reserve them.

As for food, the burger joint is great. Miguel's Baja Grill on Main Street is a must do! There food is amazing and it is a cool atmosphere. Moab brewery has great food and draft choices. Zaks pizza is another good option.

Where I am not of much help is on the trail advice. Being we still run a stock JKUR and it is a DD we haven't tested it too much.

Sorry for the length of this novel! Hope it helps!


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As most have said fins and things is pretty good. I have also done flat iron Mesa (I think that's what it's called). My son came along and did it in a slightly more than stock 97 4Runner. Slit a tire and had to call it a day a little early though. Keep in mind that the 2 tire shops in Moab close at noon or so on Saturday. Go figure.
We like to eat at the blue pig too.
This time of year is great if it's not raining. We beat the storms last week by about 8 hours. Have fun!
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