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08-04-2014, 03:36 PM

Our ongoing project to build up our Jeep XJ Cherokee required that it have a set of rocker guards. And, being that we do intend to play with it on the rocks, we wanted something that would offer solid protection underneath as well as additional tubes to help act as a step and pivot point as needed.

What You Will Need:• XJ Super RockRails SKU1751612
• 7/16", 9/16" Sockets/Wrenches
• 21/64" Drill Bit
• 9/32" Drill Bit or Unibit
• Floor Jack
• 2 - Vice Grips
• Short Piece of 2x4
• Wood Pencil
• Marker
• Center Punch
• Hammer
• Grinder
• Cutting Oil
• Spray Paint

Instructions:Here's a shot of everything you will get with your new AJ's Offroad XJ Super RockRails. While they are available with a powder coat finish, I chose to get mine in bare steel and spray paint them satin black. In this photo, the Super RockRails are shown with the passenger side on the left and the driver side on the right. The "L" shape bracket will get mounted toward the rear of your XJ and pinch seem mount sits on top.

1. Place a short piece of 2x4 on a floor jack and then balance your driver side Super RockRail on top of it. Carefully roll it under your XJ and raise it slowly until the mounting flanges make contact with the frame and spring hanger in the rear.

2. Make sure that the pinch seam mount is sitting flush with the pinch seam and then clam the two together with a pair of vice grips as shown. The pinch seam mount NEEDS to sit as high as possible and IF you find that your Jeep's pinch seam is making contact with the cross bars and preventing it from going higher, mark the point of contact, remove your Super RockRail and use a grinder to give it more clearance.

3. Using the Super RockRail mounting flanges as a template, mark the points where you will need to drill holes with a Sharpie or pencil.

4. Take a sharpened wood pencil and cut it about an inch from the tip. Use it to mark the holes that you will need to drill along the pinch seam.

5. Slowly lower your jack and roll the Super RockRail out from under your XJ. Then, use a center punch to mark the center points of all the holes you will need to drill along the frame.

6. Continue marking the center points of all the holes you will need to drill along the pinch seam as well.

7. Using a 9/32" bit, drill out the holes along your pinch seam. If you are using a Unibit, apply a piece of tape at the point where you will need to stop as shown.

8. Using a 21/64" bit, slowly drill out the holes along your frame rails and spring hanger. Applying some cutting oil to your drill bit will help make this job easier.

9. Apply some cutting oil to one of the self-tapping bolts provided.

10. Use one of the self-tapping bolts provided to tap all the holes along the frame rail and spring hanger. Apply new cutting oil for each hole you tap.

11. Slowly roll your Super RockRail back under your XJ and raise it until it's positioned in line with all the holes you've drilled and tapped. Then, LOOSELY thread in all the self-tapping bolts.

12. Using the smaller bolts, lock washers, washers and nuts, secure the pinch seam mount to your XJ's pinch seam. You will need to use a 7/16" socket and wrench for this job.

13. Now go back and tighten all the frame rail and spring hanger bolts. Be mindful to NOT over tighten the bolts as you can strip the threads.

14. Repeat this installation process on the passenger side of your XJ. This is what it should look like when all is said and done.



I hope this write-up has been helpful to you. :cool:

Canvas JK
08-04-2014, 03:47 PM
Looks clean and fairly straight forward on the install.

08-04-2014, 03:54 PM
Those look great.:thumb:

08-04-2014, 04:02 PM
Love this XJ 👍

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08-12-2014, 06:02 PM
Great job Eddie. I have a pair of sliders I've been meaning to install but pinch seem is not 100% intact from rust and an accident.
I thought about doing 26 tube and cutting rest of rockers out.


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