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  • Hello Eddie, I just located your WayALife store and added my email address for when you are re-stocked on decals. Your YouTube videos are a big help! Thank you, Michael C. Pacini (User Name: SouthBase).
    Good morning Eddie. I just upgraded my 2018 JKU Rubicon steering to the PSC Adventure Steering- so it has everything but the cylinder assist. I'm running 37's and the steering is amazingly smooth now, but the steering seems light as I'm running on pavement with the stock the steering stabilizer. What would you recommend for firming up the front end?

    salugero, I just added 37;s and was going to add the PSC steering like you, any suggestions and tips. I was thinking about only using the PSC Big bore XD2 Steering. Never going to 40's these Toyo's RT are good enough.
    I have 2017 Rubi I have the FOX ATF works great for my new Toyo 37x12.5x17 and I was looking into adding the PSC (just the Steering box). Do you like the way PSC handles over the Stock steering box?
    Hi Eddie. Does my CB-bar switch mount for Switch-pros switch also fit the RCR-Force 12 switch pros switch? Or just the SP9100?
    Hey Eddie! Hope your doing well. I finally sold my JK and upgraded to the JL Diesel. I'm thinking about putting an off road overland trip together up in your area and was wondering if you can give me some ideas of cool places to check out. I'll definitely be passing through Virginia City. Would like to see some old ghost town and salons. Maybe even a brothel too... :) JK. Ron - Off Road Overland Camping
    Hi Eddie-I had a long story about growing up in Nevada and I'm headed back out that way, then ran out of characters. :) Looking for recommendations for off grid camping during the summer, hopefully ghost towns/mining camps. Thanks!
    I should have mentioned that something like your short northern Nevada video would be perfect.
    Haha yessss!!!! I saw it the day after this message and ordered the kit!!! Should be here in the next couple days!! Thanks for your help brother and great video and installation. The ways life JT looks sick!!!!!
    Hey Eddie, looking at the CB bar. Great design!! Was wondering if you had any ideas for installing a switch plate on it as my gladiator did not come with the aux switch option. Any ideas? Thanks!!
    I just jumped into the Jeep world this weekend and bought my first Jeep.
    Plan is Dynatrac Hardcore pro 60s kit. 4” lift with 38x13.50. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 lifts. Evo double throw down with a long arm and the long arm with high clearance. I’m of the understanding that you had both. What is the difference between the 2? Why choose one vs the other? I’ve reached out to Evo and still I’m not getting much of an answer.

    A shop in St George try and tell me Teraflex pre runner kit. I haven’t heard great reviews from people on forums. Northridge4x4 said double throw down isn’t worth the money & go Teraflex.

    Plans with the Jeep is primarily Overlanding but I want a Jeep build that can handle the Rubicon and maybe Moab. I’m not looking to beat up my Jeep so I won’t go super technical but I want it capable. Your opinion would be awesome though. Also, I’ve heard coil overs make noise. Is it that big of deal? Is it a non issue? Are they worth the upgrade?
    Geeetings from the North East!
    I am looking for some advice. 2019 JLUR, sting gray, Stock tires/rims. Auto tranny. Warn vr10 on steel bumper and 2.5 in teraflex/falcon lift. I wanna go with 35s, like Nitto, pro comp, Toyo or even Cooper; and truth be told I like the black rhino rims, like the Arsenal and armory. Before I spend that cash tho I wanna make sure I’m not going to kill my daily driver. I recently saw Eddie’s vid about regearing for 37s. He mentions he would be ok with running those with the stock 4:10. I do highway and nh state roads a lot (much like the ones he drove on the Lobstah Quest journey), will be doing light wheeling when I can, but mostly it’s my daily driver. thoughts?? I’d like to know if the rig would be able to take the 35s without regearing and additional worrisome or expensive mods.

    I am grateful for your time.

    Chris Boudreau- Manchester, NH
    Yup, a Sport is a great way to go and maybe what we would have done had one been available when we were looking to buy what we could.
    I watched your Gladiator build. I want to do about the same build, but I'm wanting to know if it would be cheaper for me to start with a sport instead of the Rubicon? Seems you took most of what makes it a Rubicon off? Thanks in advance.
    Spotted you (twice) on the 15 today. You blew by us both times. Hard to catch up and give a wave from an RV
    Oh and not forgetting to say thanks for letting me join and if any of u ever wonder over the big pond to the uk and u wanted to say hello you’d be welcome we live not far from the biggest us airbase in Europe cheers old johno
    Just like to say hello to the wayalife membership I am a Brit who loves watching your vids on utube and at my old age wish I had been born in the USA .In the uk we cant do what u do we don’t have the space and our gas as u call it is 13 dollars a gallon so the next best thing is to watch u guys by for now old johno
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