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  • Thanks Eddie 4 welcoming me to your site. You and Cindy do a great job with your videos I love them. It would be great to wheel with you 2 sometime. I just watched your family get together and was wondering what happened to Ruby cat.
    I can't say that I would ever want to run fenderless but I don't really feel a need for the liners.
    I'm so glad I discovered this forum. Thanks for doing what you do. I do have a question, is it a poor decision to go flare less? I planned, after seeing some of your posts to also remove the liners. This is a daily driver /weekend warrior, by the way.
    Personally, if you're gonna run 40's, you really need a 60 up front and a full float in the rear.
    I have another question, sorry to keep bothering you. I have watched a bunch of yalls vids with Mobby wheeling. Some of the earlier ones (pre LS). I noticed that you have a semi float 60 in the rear. I am really thinking about getting dynatrac 44/60 axle set. Currently I only have 37s And probably will for quite a while, however I might go up to 40x13.5 sttpros some day. I have a very conservative wheeling style I feel that I'm even less hard on my rig that you are in some vids. Do you think that would be a good setup?
    I used to but don't anymore being that it was just too hard to get to. Also, over time, the weight caused the bushings on the glide pins to wear out prematurely. This caused rattling.
    Ok well I think you mentioned in a post somewhere that you carry your fridge on top? Is that true, I don't have a fridge but was hoping that I could put my ice chest up there and it hold the weight ok.
    Honestly, I don't even know. I got it way back in 2007 and it was the only one they offered at the time. Sorry
    Eddie, I see in your discription of mobby that you have the tuffy security deck, is that the deluxe or regular one?
    Thanks, will call Dynatrac tomorrow. So mod was only done to the brackets?
    From your photos it looks like the bypass shocks were swapped driver/passenger sides and hoses were added to connect the reservoirs.
    Pulled the trigger on dtd and xd60/80, 72.5 wide and 5.5 BS wheels + 40’s. You have mentioned a clearance issue with the bypass tubes and the need to shift their position to clear. Do I need to ask Andrew to customize the shocks or is this something simple I can do myself?

    Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring forum.
    Hi, the reason why I am sending u this message is because I saw two of your articles was translated into Chinese and posted on a Chinese blog without pointing out the author’s information clearly, also the wayoflife symbol on your pictures were removed and the guy put his own symbol on the it, I think that is a violation of copyright. Btw I am a huge fan of you, I will like what you did to your Jeeps and it really gives me ideas for what I will do on my Jeep!
    That's amazing. I enjoy being part of a web-site that not only has quality how-to's, but excellent writing and photos to go with them. Thank you for being at that level.
    I've been admiring the quality of your photos and was wondering if you use a polarizer filter to cut the glare of the rocks and metal of the jeeps. Or are just very careful with your exposure. I can't wait for my JL to get here.
    I'm trying to decide between a 3" Enforcer lift and the 4". I have a 2009 JKU with flat fenders and I plan on running 37" tires. Is there a reason why I should pick one over the other? Will the 3" be enough for 37" Tires? Will the 4" give me more flex?
    I have a Jeep Wrangler YJ that is 2.5l and I want to convert to 4.0l from cherokee. They told me that I lost center of gravity. apply? This conversion is done; I will also change the transimission from manual to automatic. HELP ME
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