View Full Version : Project-JK Sidewinder Bronco Peak Jeep Trail

10-18-2011, 06:45 PM
Bronco Peak is a short trail that is situated within the Corral Canyon OHV area and is located just south of I-8 near to the town of Alpine or about half an hour east of El Cajon. According to the Southern California Back Roads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails book by Charles Wells, Bronco Peak is an difficult rated nasty hardcore trail very steep with tight brush large boulders and that several places are steep enough to cause a rollover if driver is not careful front and rear lockers are recommended. And, even thought its only 2.7 miles long, it is also recommended that you allow about 2 hours to complete it and more if you are going with a bigger group. Being that this trail was so short, our group of 3 Jeep JK Unlimited Rubicons, 2 JK Unlimited Saharas and 2 JK 2-Doors Xs decided to first run another short but difficult rated trail nearby trail called Sidewinder. Unfortunately, it would also be the only trail that a majority of our group would do.

For some reason or another, this it the most viewed video we have on YouTube. At the time of this post, it had over 345,000 views :D