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11-26-2012, 07:03 PM

Thought I'd share my last outing. Its not in a JK, but at the rate I keep breaking things I might find myself in one soon! Saturday afternoon we headed up hwy 50, the plan was to stop by Writes Lake and then head up to Genoa Peak to see some great views on a warm clear day. Writes Lake in the winter time is one of my favorite places. There is absolutely no one around for miles and its hard to beat sitting on the frozen dock having lunch with the back drop of the sierra peaks right in front of you.

There hasnt been a lot of snow this year yet, but here at 7000 ft its cold enough to keep what has fallen around for a bit. A couple weeks ago when I was up there was a good amount on the road but this past weekend a lot melted and it was just layers of solid ice 2" thick in some spots.

About halfway to the lake the only people we saw happened to be a family of 5 and their dog that got their Acura of all things high centered. They said they were only there for a short time, but as I was digging under the car trying to find some rear tow points the muffler and exhaust were as cold as the snow, so I think they were sitting for a couple hours. Unfortunately there were no rear tow points and all our d-rings and hooks were to large to hook on to any part so we started digging. The snow was more like ice from the warm weather the last few days, and we probably could driven by them on the side to pull them out they were pretty scared we would slide into them so to ease the city folks nerves that were already on end we didnt. Did some digging, did some pushing, and turned them around to get them up a 300 yard hill that was almost all ice. Didnt take a lot of pictures because we were just trying to get them out as fast as possible as the sun was going down.


The plan was for me to squeeze by on the shoulder and get to the top of the hill to winch them up. Of course when I went to go around them I found a ditch under the snow.


2.5hrs later got them up the hill and they were on their way. Caught the sunset at the lake, ate a really late lunch, did a little moon lit snow wheeling on some of the forest roads, got stuck a few times and then packed it up and called it a day. So needless to say we never made it to Genoa Peak....next time!


As we head into snow season its always good to point out you should always be prepared for the worst and always have at least 1 other rig with you if your doing some exploring. Never know whats under the snow. We have enough camping supplies, food, and warm cloths to last almost a week when we go out even if its just a day trip in the snow. Be Safe!

11-26-2012, 07:06 PM
Cool pics! I want to get up there so bad!

11-26-2012, 07:18 PM
Nice pics and good story. I'm sure those folks were really glad to see you show up with a 4x4!

11-26-2012, 07:21 PM
The people you helped weren't German were they? Just asking because we've come across a few in the past in similar situations :crazyeyes:

Great that you were able to help them out and great pics!! I so wish I were still up there :yup:

11-26-2012, 07:31 PM
The people you helped weren't German were they? Just asking because we've come across a few in the past in similar situations :crazyeyes:

Great that you were able to help them out and great pics!! I so wish I were still up there :yup:

no, they were from India. They insisted we give them our number so they could buy us drinks and dinner though! :beer: