View Full Version : esp light and stabilzing light wont stay off?

05-04-2013, 03:25 AM
esp light staying on? does anyone have any ofthe following symptoms withtheir jeep. the frontbrakes start making scrapping noise that sounds as it would if ur brake pads were wore down to metal on metal and u pushed ur brake. it only happens sometimes totaly random it seems, but the yellow light of a jeep swirving on the dash blinks as it happens. it also seems to pull the jeep to one side and makes it very hard to brake or steer. it only happens for 5 to 10 seconds at a time. but it makes it very hard to control the jeep. i was thinking it might be the computer making it do this, cause of how random and amount of time it does it for. but im not sure. hoping someone could have a answeror info on my problem, thanks

05-04-2013, 03:30 AM
Is your steering wheel centered, does it happen in long turns.

2011 JKU 3.5 R.E. Longarm lift.

05-04-2013, 03:33 AM
is your steering wheel straight when your tires are straight? if your steering wheel is not straight it will trigger ESP. There's a write up in the articles on how to straighten your wheel, it's easy.

check all your brakes - especially rear inner brake pads, you may have to remove the brake calipers to get a good inspection, check that the pads aren't the worn and that the pad metal squeal tabs aren't loose.

I had similar issue, it was rear passenger inner pad had come loose from its base, I didn't see this on just visual, I finally removed the caliper and found it.

05-04-2013, 03:49 AM
it does seem to start doing it in turns. cant recall if they were long or not. i had centered it after i put my lift on and the lights went off and i thought i had fixed the problem. but because of time restraint issues when i installed my lift i was only able to get the lift on my jeep and didnt have time to adjust and center everything. my point being it was bout two weeks after installing my lift that i centered my steering wheelthen everything was fine til i centered my front axle by adjusting my front trackbar and drove about 1mile and the scrapping noise started and seem to not want to stop so i stopped after it scraped about 50 seconds which was much longer than it would normally do. after stopping i adjust my frt trackbar back the way it was before i centered my frt axle . started moving again and no scrapping, so i said to hell with it and left frt axle off center. another thing is i think my power steering pump is going out cause off the squeeling andhow hard it is to turn steering wheel, and the steering wheel itself will move up and down bout half a inch as if there were a loose bolt or something. i know its not suppost to move like that but im just tring to deal with one problem at a time. do you think this could have something to do with it?

05-04-2013, 03:53 AM
i havent taken my rear pads off yet , i will check them out next. i just replaced my front ones and everything seemed good with them. didnt really think bout back ones cause of how it pulls the jeep to one side as it happens.

05-04-2013, 03:59 AM
Sounds like your ABS system is being activated. If your steering is not centered it will cause the lights to come on. This can cause your brakes to feel weird. I would check your steering before looking at your brakes.

05-04-2013, 04:27 AM
if the little u joint in thesteering linkage is bad would it cause the movement in the steering wheel or could the power steering pump cause it. i guess i need to fix all my steering system problems before i can properly diagnose the scrapping sound. im guessing that if a squeling sound is comming from steering pump when turning it needs to be replaced .. ive never felt the abs system in a jeep but i had a problem with the abs in my ford f150 where every timre i hit the brakes it would activate the abs and make the brakes would stop hard let off for slight second brake hard again and let off again and then brake hard again . it would keep repeating this over and over again til u let off the brakes. i thought thats just what it was suppost to feel like when the abs was activating. but i didnt have the money to look into the problem so i just removed the speed sensor so the abs would stay off. the problem i have with my jeep dosent feel anythig like the abs in my ford. i also looked up abs codes with my code reader and itshowed 4 basically all saying something about steering stabilization i think. i will look up the codes again and post exact code description tommorrow to see if they mean anything to anybody.

05-04-2013, 05:59 AM
if your steering column is moving up and down, look inside the engine compartment firewall - there should be a plastic collar that should be on the steering shaft. it may have come out and slipped down the steering shaft, if it did you should be able to push it back into place.

Center your axle and re-center your steering, it may help to bounce on your bumper to get everything loose and aligned (springs etc...). Also with 35's, if you still have the plastic air dam they are probably rubbing on that when you turn, you can either remove it or trim it.

I did the same with my brakes and it turned out to be the rear passenger that was the culprit