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04-25-2012, 06:09 AM
I have an 2012 JK Unlimited Rubicon. Unfortunatly itīs the European diesel version. So I donīt know the differences in driveshaft, exhaust and so.

I have a 1.5" Eibach spring levelling kit on it. But I wanted to go higher and with a better suspension.
Iīm dreaming of those awesome soft supsension you see on Baja prerunners or downhill mountain bikes. I ride one and the seuspension response is ....... awesome. Takes every beating and you feel ... nothing.
I know this is mainly done through long, longer suspension travel.

So Iīm not 100% sure how to continue with my JK.
Iīm a bit afraid I get driveshaft problems with it when Iīm going much higer than 2.5-3"
Buying a new driveshaft wonīt probably be Pīn`p because is a diesel.
Staying with a 2-2.5" lift will probably cost me 2" suspension travel ?? As far as I know and by looking through the tech infos at King and so on.

Further more we have a road legal check and all parts have to have german papers. At least the lift kit, not the shocks.
So Í canīt just order a nice RockKrawler or Teraflex kit.

I probably just can get an 2.5" OME HD lift, AEV 2.5" or 3.5" kit, Rubicon Express 3.5" superflex (altough this is way to expensive over here), or a 4" Pro Comp kit ( donīt think Iīll buy this one)
All other lifts would only be possible with very good connections to those road legal test centers which I donīt have.

So Iīm absolutly unsure about lifting height and shocks.
I mean 2.5" lift gives me only 8" supsension travel over all. If Iīm right.
And reading about rigs going for 14" suspenson travel........
And the step to a 3.5" lift brings me the 10" supsension shocks..... but is it wort ? necessary ?
Will the 1" heigher lift (2" suspension) bring such an advantage ? Is it worth the trouble coming with high lifts ?
Oh btw wonīt run larger tires than 35"

04-25-2012, 02:42 PM
i think a part of what you need to decide first and foremost is, how big of a tire are you hoping to run? if only a 35" tire, 2.5" of lift is really all that you'll need. unless you have areas in your country that you can drive stupid fast over knee high whoops, you really don't need 14" of travel or even coil overs to give you a good ride. a good set of coils and shocks to match will do just fine. of all the lifts you mentioned that you can get, the OME or AEV will probably serve you best. the OME shocks are nice and so are the bilstein's that come with the AEV and their coils are pretty comfortable. so long as you make sure to get shocks that are short enough to prevent too much droop, you will not have to replace your front drive shaft at just 2.5" of lift and, i do believe that both of these kits will meet your needs.

04-25-2012, 05:33 PM
As all costs are double in Germany ( and we have same wages here) Iīll switch to 35" tires with the next lift but thatīs it. No 37 and regearing.
I think if I go further with tire size and still having stock 3.73 gears it wonīt work properly.
So 35" and thatīs it.

We donīt have high speed things here. As I said unfortunatly only parks and they are slow.
Unless you participate in real motorsport events. And I wonīt do that. I know how costly this is from my racetrack motorsport background. And stiill having a street race car in the garden......

the only thing I want is a bit of clearance underneath my Jk and this super soft suspension I know from my downhill MTB or which I see in the Teraflex prerunner kit video.

I know that supsension travel, suspension travler and even mor suspension travel is the answer. But i think (hope) I can get close with decent shocks.

My ZJ hat 3" Rancho Springs and Bilstein 5100 it was like this on the street but still to.... unstable , bumpy on gravel tracks.