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  • Hey, I just wanted to hit you up about the trip to moab in dec/jan. Are you still going? I can't make it the full trip, but I could drive up on the 29th and wheel a full day from 30-31 and half day on Jan 1 then I'd have to drive back (6 hours).

    I would be down to do:
    - PSM, Gold Bar, Golden Spike (Rusty Nail....haven't done yet and would like to)
    - Lockhart Basin, Kane Creek
    - Metal Masher, Steel Bender
    - Pritchet (would be my first time...friends of mine did it with 35's and D30's so we should be fine on 40's and 60/80)
    - Strike Ravine, Behind the Rocks
    - BFE
    - Moab Rim

    I have some repairs I need to get done so I'm waitong on parts, but I should be ready to go by then.
    Hey aTX427...I could use your counsel as I am about to swap out for an XD60/80 set. Now as a Newb, I have looked extensively on Dynatrac's site but could not tell if the 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern was for rear only or both. I CERTAINLY hope it's both since deciding which spare to carry and which to leave is not for me. Help.
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