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    Almost Tire Time

    Here’s your MTR/K zero’d out on a road force balance. Awesome tire, single handedly keeping the lead mining community thriving. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Nitto Mud Grapplers

    They are an exceptional offroad tire, it’s become one of my all time favorites. On road manners are surprisingly very good (I don’t know about snow packed streets though?), however the tire is obnoxiously loud on the street and highway.....and even worse if you are not dedicated to rotating them...
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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 4 | Cinder Hills to the Grand Canyon

    The Jeep’s computers seemed to be trying to outsmart the driver......maybe. It could be that the computers sensing all four tires spinning, failing to provide traction for such a long period, it cuts power to prevent loss of control like on an icy road???? Like I said, maybe. I will say that...
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    EPIC Campsites : Let's See Yours!!

    Spoiler should be in “part 3” Let’s just keep it a secret until the video comes out! Wait, there is a “part 3”? Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    ......I finally found my iPad. I really enjoyed wheeling with you and Cindy again. You are both still pretty awesome. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Nitto Stickers and atx series x

    I woke up one morning, and someone had threw a sticker bomb on my rig. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Evo builder corners with full width axles photos?

    Well, my fronts are a 1 of 1 special narrow width quarter panel/fender combo that were made for Mel Wade's EVO1. He ran them for years and when he switched to the one piece fiberglass hood with integrated high clearance fenders for racing, he gifted me the old steel builder fenders. They did...
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    Evo builder corners with full width axles photos?

    Here are a few older photos that have been posted up many times on here. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    2016 Best in the Desert - Vegas to Reno the Long Way EVO1 Race Photo Highlights

    Thanks Sucka Your early sunday morning help crossloading the chase trucks was much appreciated. It was a long drive home after the race, but worth it for the scenery. Also, I am glad I opted out for piloting EVO1 for day 2 of the race, it was great to see Mel III and Mel IV start and finish...
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    CB Mount bracket

    Frank, here you go! Sorry, work has been crazy. Have not had much time to check the forum. That dude was not into a gringo snapping his photo
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    The building of knuckles

    Two things: 1- MTG is not even in either picture 2- MTG looks nothing like one of the worlds greatest ever electronic music artist.
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    Overlander trailer.

    I have an off road/overlanding trailer. It has a jeep mounted on it instead of a roof top tent. Its a little awkward on tight trails, but its worth it for all amenities I can bring along In all seriousness, I would prefer to run an off road trailer rather than ever place a roof top...
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    EVO Stinger length

    You know, the custom stinger that is tied into the frame on EVO 1 now, well I cannot see it unless I loosen my shoulder harnesses and lean really far forward. Which is usually what I have to do during the slow rock crawling sections in the canyons to help spot the driving lines. Other than...
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    EVO Stinger length

    Nah, Eddie and the entire internet already know that they're wrong [emoji12] I am usually more wrong than I am right, so no change here. Wrong again. I will be a winner at life one day......... Edit: just as I was sending this post my wife sent me a photo on iMessage of a package that just...
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