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    Video - Ball Joint Axial Movement

    Hey guys, I posted in another thread a while back about a steering wheel shimmy, and what to look at. I didn't get much feedback, but after searching for a few threads, I landed on some posts that helped me out. What I found was axial movement on my front ball joints. This isn't causing Death...
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    Jeep needs a little TLC

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while and sadly my 2013 is still pretty much stock aside from a few recovery upgrades. Before putting in a few upgrades this summer, I'd like to get a few kinks figured out and I'm looking for some input. First off, I want to get rid of a mysterious engine...
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    WIN a Set of NEW Rancho RS5000X Shocks + BONUS!!

    Got a nearly stock 2 door in desperate need for shocks, a lift, and some real rubber and wheels!
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    What is needed to add a winch?

    When you say directly connected to the battery, do you mean you have the winch control unit directly connected to the battery or the winch itself? The control unit usually consists of a solenoid switch with multiple throws to give you forward/reverse unless you have a model that only pulls I...
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    Pro Comp La Paz - Suggestions?

    Been looking around for wheels for quite some time. Looking for 17", 8.5-9, 150-200$ price range and would like something original. What do you guys think of these: Info from our friends at Discount Tire...
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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    A few gizmos, and my Flashpaq! Now this week I should be ordering wheels! I wasn't able to get some of this stuff through so I gave a try for just these small items. How's everyone's experience with them? Two of the items that showed up are not even the right ones...
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    Front axle leaking diff fluid?

    Same issue here. Only leaking a bit on passenger side. I'm still running stock and sad looking 29" tires. Granted I only have the D30 upfront, the Jeep has only seen a handful of moderate trails. Possibly just the seals? I have a hard time thinking the tubes could be bent but could they...
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    15,000 Members - WIN a Pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses!! (ended)

    Yup, the YouTube videos! Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    infidel_jeep_club Ripping Off the Project-JK Logo

    This all makes sense now... Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    Live trapping

    Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    Paint accents

    I played with a few plastidip cans before lol: I'm still not sure I'll keep this on forever but here is how it sits now: Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Got my Jeep Canadian ready! Took the seats and carpets out, and bedlined the tub! Got about 1/8" all around, and the finish is really nice! Before: Masking: After: Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    Kill it With Fire

    So there's the Gangsta Jeeps, and then there's people who turn them in hot rods lol. Saw this on my local Kijiji... Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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    New Oil Filter Design For 3.6L

    Hey guys, did a quick search for this but haven't found anything. I'm sure not the only one who's noticed this but as I was doing my oil change yesterday I found a product update notice in my WIX oil filter box that explained how the cartridge type oil filters for the 3.6L received an update...
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    Kill it With Fire

    Saw this on IG... Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O
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