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  • Hey! Somehow I missed this message. I really, really love my system. And I can tell many other do also -- whenever I have gone on wheeling trips, as soon as I walk away from my Jeep, I'll see several peopele start heading over, and soon they are bent over, on the ground, or penlights out checking everything :)

    Keep me posted on what you end up doing! I would love 37's, but I am reluctant to re-gear just yet. Or to change axles just yet. It's an eventual must, but I want to play a little with what I have. Giovanna
    You seriously got me hooked on the game changer fox edition. It was the one I was looking at before and I was not sure if I should do 3.5, 3 or 2.5 you got me hooked on the 3.5. Especially when I want to go up to 37s!
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