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    Whites Unite - Show off Your White Jeep Picture Thread!!

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    JEEP PROUD - Show Us Your Factory Jeep Grill Mug Shots!

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    clutch problem

    Last Friday I saw some fluid (probably brake fluid) covering the front of my gearbox all over my clutch housing. I always had some grinding noise when I pressed my clutch but I think during the weekend it got worse. I did no more than 60 miles during the weekend all on road. Finally this morning...
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    CARNAGE!! Let's See Your Best Breaks & Trail Damage

    Thought I could get away with 4.56 gears and 'only' 35s..... :eek: D30 :doh: I have a broken synthetic rope, broken wheel spacer(no name :doh:) bent rough country steering stabilizer, destroyed OME shock and three bent stock control arms. I will see if I can find any photos.
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    I need to replace the tie rod end on the drag link

    Nice to hear that! :thumb: Does the way it sits seem normal to you or I should have turned it more?
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    Dana 30 with 35' long have you been running this set up?

    dana 30/4.56 gears on 35s :grayno:
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    2009 jk 6speed gearbox leak

    I have been leaking gearbox fluid from the shifter tower and yesterday i noticed that the exhaust under the central crossmember is wet by the fluid. Until i get it fixed is there any serious problem like cathing fire because the fluid gets in touch with a hot exhaust...
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    3.8 idle problems

    Hello fellow jeepers! Last week suddenly my 3.8 jk sport started to have unstable idle when the engine was in operational temp. The problem got worse as when i was for a period of time in traffic. Also my idle is low at 600rpm. When the engine is in gear it works as it used to. The problem is...
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    'ESP OFF' does not turn off

    In a friends of mine, totaly stock 08 jk, i put the jeep in 4low and the 'esp off' appears on the dash, then when i put it back in 4hi or 2hi it doesnt turn off. If i turn off the engine and restart the jeep enerything is fine. What could it be?:thinking:
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    jk 3.8 engine and radiator coolant flush

    Does anyone have any instructions or video of what i said above? After 5 years I want to change my coolant and i cannot find any videos or tutorials. Note that i want to do full change not just the radiator. :D
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    esp/abs/bas off lights

    Thanks everyone for the help Do you think this could be related to my issue? Probably this sensor makes the whole system get deactivated? I think the info from the speed sensor are used from the ABS/ESP/BAS/BLD. :thinking:
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    esp/abs/bas off lights

    Yesterday night as i was coming home from dinner and it was heavily rainning these three lights came on and havent left me since then. I dont have abs (scary :fingerscrossed: ) and esp/bas. Probably my bld wont be working either but havent test it. The only issue my jk has is the well known...
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    Where does the leak comes from?

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    A way from Athens, Greece

    Hello to you all :standing wave: I used to write in and now i am here. I am from Athens, Greece. We have a respectable jeep community here in Greece, and i think we are the place in Europe if you are looking for jeep enthusiasts. I drive a 2010 jeep jk wrangler sport on 35s. I...
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