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    Found this in the shop parking lot

    I'm a woodworker (hobby). I would call that a "Jeep '2x4' "
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    I watched a video on these just yesterday. They are supposed to have: 1. a 10 year warranty 2. a remote, and on the battery activated self-contained jump starter. 3. weight 33 lbs less than the lead-acid check the vid here:
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    What in the Hell is "Installing SQDF"

    Word is that it's an update that gets hung up from time to time, but usually clears after a few cycles. Supposed to be an update that addresses some things in Uconnect. While it's up, you may encounter touch screen issues, or glitchy interaction with uconnect etc.
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    pedal commander

    Thanks for the info, guys
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    pedal commander

    Anyone have any experience with them? Pros? Cons? Yay or nay?
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    Please Don't be THIS GUY and try to be Understanding Regarding WAYALIFE Decals

    Well...if you can't stand being called a bitch...You don't deserve a jeep.
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    I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

    I still get that Uconnect shit in my email. If you figure how to get out of that telemetry crap, let me know. I let mine expire and didn't opt to renew a subscription, and while I lost access to some things, that report still tunes into my private info. I'm hoping that when the Jeep Wave runs...
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    JL Wrangler Catches on Fire After Hit from the Rear

    Maybe he had some full Jerry's back there?
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    Key FOB Not Detected on my JL Wrangler

    It dawned on me that a friend had a similar issue in a different type vehicle. He took it in to dealer and they quoted a ridiculous price to fix... Until one day he was tooling around under the hood and found what looked like a loose wire/nut. He adjusted it, and tightened it. Turned out to be...
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    Cool Jeeps you've parked by

    when I was a kid, the Golden Eagle was the one that made me want a jeep..
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    Just picked up my JLU XR

    nothing sexier than a jeep in its natural habitat. Congrats on the grab
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    Deck lid... my version

    yes. Haven't decided on which type yet.
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    Deck lid... my version

    Touche'. Total cost for me was about $100
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    Deck lid... my version

    thanks man... took about 4 and a half days of going real slow...
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    Deck lid... my version

    The last two images that I promised: Clearly that's the opposite side.... and here's a clearer view.... My wife and daughter liked it... they said it looks like I made it out of hard plastic... but it's plywood. until I can get a bulkhead put in behind the seats for more security, I basically...
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