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Anyone have any experience with them?
Pros? Cons? Yay or nay?
I've heard of issues with the Pedal Commander such as randomly losing power to the Jeep. I wanna say if you really wanted to get something on the lines of this, the IDrive is a more reputable one from what I understand and more used. I will say it does make a noticeable difference in throttle response with the one I drove.


My wifes co-worker had the 2.0 turbo JL, her husband put one of the throttle response devices (don't know the brand) in it and didn't tell her. She seemed to notice a difference and told him to turn it down when he told her, she was claiming it was too touchy.

I like the way the 3.6 runs and drives, it really doesn't need anything extra.


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I had one on a 4runner, it needed it. Stock it was sluggish and the pedal commander was great. With the 3.6 in a JL I don't see the need for one.


had one on the JKU and it worked for a bit but had to return it when if failed.

They fixed it with a quick turn-around but also with the warning of not to make changes on the fly, haven't put it back in

It really could have used fewer settings, for the 3.8L most of the settings were to sensitive


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What it does get rid of is your turbo lag. If your have a motor with a turbo. I have the pedal monster on my JT diesel it got rid of my turbo lag. It doesn’t give you any more power.
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