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    Smittybilt Stingray vented hood

    I haven't been on the forum in a while but I just saw this but the hood is nice and a fraction of a mopar brand but I admit it does not fit exactly but all painted and done you can't really tell here's a pic of mine and here it is with the rubicon sticker
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    Child restraints

    How old is your child? Mine is 4 and been taking him since he was like 2 and nothing you can really do except for his car seat unless your going to put a helmet on him or something don't know what your looking for maybe a high dollar car seat? This is my sons seat it also reclines for the long...
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    Rigid 50" light bar

    Rigid 50" light bar Selling 50" rigid light bar with aluminum mounts $1000 PICK UP ONLY in SoCal
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    JK Exo cages

    here's a better looking Exo cage bigger tubing reinforced better this was built by a shop by my house
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    TRAIL TUESDAY : Let's See Pics from Your Favorite Trail!

    metal masher is one of my favorite
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    Last minute run Gorman Saturday Jan 9

    Hey my good buddy and a coworker are going wheeling up in Hungry valley also as known as Gorman if you want to join us pm me or meet us at 8 at the Starbucks corner of Newhall ranch road and copperhill
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    Lets see all 2 doors !!!

    I just had to post my buddies TJ he build it himself and I think it came out awesome
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    ROCK RASH ONLY! Show your rig with rock rashes!

    if you squint you can see my rock rash
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    Johnson Valley Run Sun Dec. 20th.

    Here's my pic best looking rig out there heres Chris sorry Al and Russ you guys did all the good shots before I got up there
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    THROWBACK THURSDAY - Show Us Pics of Your Jeep Back in the Day!

    this was in Vegas helping out at the Vegas to Reno race for Mel
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    It was actually last week that it got done but I finally got my dynatrac pro rock 80 in the rear and the new XD60 up front 8 lug atx slabs and 40" Nitto trail grapplers thanks Evo thanks Drew
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    7in lift

    I help you get in your jeep !!!!!! Hahaha
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