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    2015 2016 recall com8ng up.

    Delete if a dupe. Article this morning about FCA going to do a recall on 2015s and 16 Wranglers due to airbags not working correctly. It seems that during crash testing the passenger side headlight would rotate and this would pull off some sensor wire. Leaving the airbags inoperable and the...
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    Jeep Green Jeeps

    Welcome from Roseburg. :standing wave: Man I have got to get out and take some more photos. Still one of my favorites though.
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    This thief steals Wrangler with a laptop thing.

    So some of you may have seen this article and video on various news sites where a security camera recorded a man go up to a 2010 Wrangler and after a few minutes was able to start the vehicle and drive away. The police talked to the folks from Fiat/ Chrysler and they believe it was done by...
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    Why is my Oil Pressure Not Coming Up After Oil Change?

    So if I am reading this wrong please excuse me and listen to the pros. Your profile lists your rig as a 2014 yet you state you used the STP S10955 filter. The correct filter for the 3.6 in 2012 2013 looked like this The correct filter in 2014 changed over to look like this See the...
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    Evo Control Arms

    Is this a weld I am seeing here? If so it should not be here. This needs to move for adjustment and to take that twist out of the joints. (Unless I am an idiot and Evo has changed something that I dont yet understand then nevermind.)
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    Someone went 100mph in my Jeep

    I am not trying to piss anybody off here but.... I watched my dealer take it off the truck when it arrived. Had very few miles on it when I got in. (I want to say 16 but?) I know I have had it to 85 but no freaking way have I gone 104. So what I think is a lot like Nevada Z said where you...
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    Love the new website!

    Just wanted to say I like the layout of the new website. :thumb: A lot easier for these old (er) eyes to see. Now off to do some shopping.
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    Wheeling With Propane

    I am much more worried about the gasoline in a big plastic tank hanging under my rig. Dont know anything about fire pits powered by propane but I bring 2-3 of the small green things with us for the camp stove. They ride in a Rubbermaid tote, strapped down with ratchet straps. But for when...
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    Bedliner question?

    Thanks for the compliment! Yeah dont want to hijack either but, They do show the blast protector OP was asking about. They were done with a Dremel and a wood cutting blade, then blocked to shape with 80 grit and brought down from there. Unfortunately I lost almost all my files due to the...
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    Bedliner question?

    Right after buying my Jeep in 2013 one of the very first roads I went on was a logging road that had just been covered in crushed rock. The Rubicon BFG KM's will hold onto rocks and then chuck them out hard right at your rear fenders. Within the first 25 miles I had ruined the fronts of my rear...
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    Gymkhana 8

    Hey, looks like they just released Gymkhana 8. Pretty entertaining. So when you get board go over to You Tube and check it out.
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    Show off your color matched trimmed fenders

    I did my cuts a little weirder than most as I wanted to save my side marker. It will have to go if I ever go to 37s as I think it will hit. Works fine with 35's though. On that place on the rear fender, where rocks just pummel the leading edge, I used bed liner and it has held up great. Even...
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    Installing Evo Long Arm Upgrade

    Yes there is one bolt that goes through the cross member. I think it is 5/8's but really cant remember. I used a short one that just goes through the one side of the cross member and bracket. Be sure you do not weld the bracket to the cross member and only weld it to the frame. I was under there...
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    Is the OEM battery crappy?

    Here is the big boy recommended for our Wranglers Odyssey PC1220
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    EVO Long Arm Question Please Read!!

    Well it has been a little while but I think the tab thing that the bolt goes through used to look like this. (red dotted line) Like I said it was real easy to so. Note that I already had these on prior to doing my long arm so I all I had to do once the long arm install was done was to hold...
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