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Thread: "Don't even TRY to wheel without..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairokey

    I'm glad you said that because that is exactly what I have planned. 3.5" lift with 35's! i would have been pretty disappointed if my bumper took tread off my tires!
    I'd rather have a new stubby on the front, but if I was to go wheeling before I could get one, trimming those bumper segments would be a must.
    If you want advice on lift and tires, I'm sure everyone would be glad to give you their two cents on that as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ichthus View Post
    Getting ready for our third JK and one thing I've learned is that I'd rather upgrade my bumpers BEFORE I've bashed them up. Brand new take-offs might sell for $100-300, depending on the local demand and desperation/ignorance of your buyer. Once crushed, they only have value if you can stubby them.
    Factory stock bumpers have NO resale value since the markets flooded with them. I quite literally cant GIVE mine away (please refer to lol). You may get lucky and find someone willing to pay you for it, but thats a big maybe.
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    Rock Sliders and armor are a must.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chairokey View Post
    Great tips guys. I'm a little surprised that a lift wasn't mentioned at all. I'm really nervous about my clearance. While its obvious that rockers protect the sides of the Jeep, does it provide any protection to the undercarriage? I see lots of heavy scraping and high centering in videos and it blows mind that this doesn't rip the vehicle apart even with the stock skid plates. is this not the case? I would expect at the very least some crushed pipes..

    I know that the Rubicon comes with a better suspension package, does the stock Sport S have much of an off road suspension package to speak of? I'd hate to think that it does and then break something >.<
    I just got into the 'Good Life' myself. Rock sliders from covered my sides and underbelly for a little less than a grand. Its a bunch of extra weight on a seriously under powered engine, but very much worth it. Once you add the lift rims and tires you are so deep in the weeds you will need therapy for the addiction of adding on parts. One piece at a time.

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