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Thread: Does it make sense to buy a rubicon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX_JK

    Don't let the Rubicon haters get you down. LOL
    Don't see anyone "hating"... Not sure what you're talking about.
    Epic Addictions!

    New Rig:
    2013 JKU Rubicon, 4" Evo Double D Long Arm Lift w/ Bilstein 5100's, 37" Nitto TGs on 17" Spyderlocks, J.E. Reel 1350 Front DS, LoD sliders, EVO 1/4 Pounder w/ Stinger, EVO Rockskins and Tire Carrier.

    Previous Rig:
    2010 JKU Mountain Edition, 35" Wrangler MT/R Kevlar's, 3.5" Rock Krawler Flex System w/ Fox Shocks, 5.13 G2 gears, Spyderlock beadlocks, Coast 1310 FDS, EVO C2 kit and drag link flip kit, LoD sliders, Trektop NX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife

    nice try but, you would need a roof rack and snorkel before you could have anything useful to say
    2010 Red Rubicon
    EVO Long Arm
    EVO Front Coilovers
    EVO Lever Rear Coilovers
    Dynatrac Pro Rock 60's Full floater
    ARB Lockers
    RCV Chromolly inner/outers & Front Shaft
    PSC hydraulic ram assist
    Mastercraft Baja RS seats
    J.E. Reel 1350 drive shafts
    ATX Slabs
    Goodyear 40" MTR/Kevlars

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