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Thread: People Suck but Good People do Still Exist

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    People Suck but Good People do Still Exist

    In a world where so many people SUCK - it's good to know that there are still a few good ones out there...

    Dairy Queen employee's honorable actions praised online


    When a visually impaired customer accidentally dropped a $20 bill at a Hopkins, Minn., Dairy Queen, employee Joey Prusak said he was shocked by what happened next.

    "The lady behind him just picked it up and put it in her purse," he told Yahoo News. "As if no one saw it."

    What Prusak did inspired another customer to write an email to the store manager praising the 19-year-old for his calm and kindness. The email went to Reddit, was picked up by the Daily Mail and quickly turned Prusak into a nominee for the Nice Guy Hall of Fame (if only such a place existed).

    Prusak, who has been working at Dairy Queen since he was 14, told Yahoo News that he recognized the visually impaired customer. "He's a regular and he always pays with a debit card," he said. "He doesn't use a wallet, so when he pulled out his card, the cash fell to the ground."

    After the woman picked up the $20 and put it in her purse, Prusak said he confronted her about it. "I said, 'Ma'am, can you please return the gentleman's money?'"

    The woman denied that she took the cash. "There was kind of a scene," Prusak said. "I told her what she did was extremely disrespectful and she had to leave."

    She did, but she never gave back the money. So, Prusak went above and beyond. He walked to the customer who had lost the $20 and gave him $20 from his own pocket.

    "I felt it needed to be done," he said. The man thanked him, and Prusak didn't really think anything of it, going back to his job.

    Flash-forward several days. Prusak's manager gets an email from a customer who witnessed the exchange.

    "He said, 'Why didn't you tell me?'" Prusak said, explaining that it didn't cross his mind. "It felt like the right thing to do."

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    Saw this earlier, great to see there are people still raising their kids properly.

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    Some people are just big crazy Aholes theses days. Good for this kid for doing the right thing.

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    Trying to raise kids to do things like this when the opposite seems to be a norm is very difficult. Stories like this need more publicity. Thanks for sharing!

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    That's awesome. Good for him and that woman will get what's coming to her.

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    I lost my wallet at Disneyland a few years ago with a few hundred bucks in it I had it back within 3 hours with not a cent missing made my day
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarsen View Post
    I lost my wallet at Disneyland a few years ago with a few hundred bucks in it I had it back within 3 hours with not a cent missing made my day

    Somehow I lost a credit card and I'm searching high and low and losing my mind...

    Finally, I call and cancel and it's been done already. Someone picked it up, whipped out a cell phone and cancelled my card for me so no one could spend it to its limit. What are the chances the ONE good person found it?!

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    Awesome story, good on him for doing the right thing

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    I agree in this day and age it is nice to see good people!
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    Great story , there are some really ugly people out there but its nice to see that there are still some people with morals.

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