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Thread: ATTENTION: Know Your Jeep JK Wrangler Coolants and Save Your Engine!

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    New (to me) 13 JK, needs coolant

    I did some pretty extensive reading on this thread, and in other places around the internet. As with most information gathering, the more you learn about a subject, the less sure you become. My question is this:

    I bought my JK not too long ago and the coolant is low. When I look down into the overflow reservoir it looks orange just like the OP said.

    HOWEVER, the CarFax report said that the radiator had been replaced (by a Chevy dealership), so I suspect they may have used regular orange coolant. Furthermore, the OP statement below leads me to think that non-Mopar, OAT coolant will be Orange:

    A little background on the color so that the next part makes sense to you guys....As we know, FIAT is with Chrysler now. Fiat has been using orange colored OAT for years. When Chrysler switched to OAT, they didn't want dealers/people getting confused, so to differentiate the new OAT coolant with the chrysler original orange HOAT, they added a purple dye. As a result, due to a weird light refraction, the purple OAT looks weird (even orange) when looked at certain angles. You can even pop open your radiator cap on your 14 and the coolant looks so orange you'd bet me your jeep that it's orange....but it isn't.

    Moving on, if I buy Peak Antifreeze, thats rated for Chrysler 2013+, says its OAT, but is orange in color, would that be wrong? (

    And lastly, since it is not the factory radiator/coolant, is there an easier way to check or even dip the reservoir?
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