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Thread: BLM May Close Mojave Desert Trails

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    To satisfy the remedy order, new route designations must be completed, consistent with the court’s order, by March 31, 2014. This is the basis for the supplemental West Mojave EIS and specific travel management plans now under development.

    Sounds like if they intend to close it, They would have to build new trails? Hell they found that $54 million lets all hold our breath and see if they use it how they are suppose to!

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    Just found this thread. I know its a bit old but it's something that is still being dealt with today. I actually took part and still do help inventory the route system. It's mostly conservation groups with deep pockets that force the hands of the government. The BLM essentially opened more routes by marking and signing the legal routes. Some of these routes had not been traveled in easily 20 years. This actually angered many local land owners who now had vehicle traffic that they had not before they opened their mouths about "irresponsible off-roaders". Feel free to ask me any questions you'd like and I'll try to answer them.

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