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Thread: RAM 700 Likey in the U.S. - Possible Platform for a Jeep Truck?

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    It's sharp looking, but I'd rather see a jeep truck with a real frame, solid axles... Like the j8 conversion as a production vehicle.
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    It looks like an X90 fucked an Colorado short bed
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    Grand-dad had a weakness for oddball vehicles. One of them was an El Camino. Of it he said, "It's the worst of both worlds. Not a good car and not a good truck."

    The Chevy El Camino, Ford Ranchero, Subaru Brat and Baja were all unit-body pickups, all no longer manufactured. Honda's Ridgeline is to be discontinued for two years. For Jeep, the 700 would be a step backwards while the JKU platform is a natural for a separate cab and bed.

    The Dodge 700 is cute and may sell well, but not to Jeep enthusiasts.
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    Recall that when Toyota introduced the Tundra to compete with large American trucks and it had a V-6. It bombed. Then came the 4.7L V-8. Sales got better, but not great. Today it's full sized and packing a stout 5.7L V-8. Sales are much better. We Americans want our pickups to be big and powerful and workhorses. Mid-size is about as small as most Americans want to go with their trucks. It doesn't look like this platform can be Super-Samuraied very easily for the trail either. I dunno?
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    Quote Originally Posted by piginajeep View Post
    It looks like an X90 fucked an Colorado short bed
    Haha yes! This is what we need to see in my opinion:

    3.0L Diesel in 2016 plus a platform like Chevy's would be perfect if you ask me.

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    RAM 700 Likey in the U.S. - Possible Platform for a Jeep Truck?

    I think the possible future Jeep truck will be built on the next Wrangler platform. But a small Dodge pickup is needed to compete with Colorado. This would look nice. Use a turbo oil burner for torque over horsepower. ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1416539728.767083.jpg
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    Kind of looks like it might have some clean entry and departure angles, but that huge rear end will have to go. NOT that I would consider one, but think there are enough suckers out there, that would. The pic of the "700" Dodge is interesting, but I would only want a two door, as with the small size, and lack of full length bed, it would not haul enough for me or my horses. Might be fun for the commute though.
    Personally, I don't sell the old school "Sami" short. I have seen some that could wheel with the best. Even tho many had Toyota axles, and "R" series toyota engines.

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    Personally, I think bringing a vehicle like this (under any badge) to the US market is an epic fail. There have been several car/truck types come and go, only really having found a home amongst the ones that drive it for the sole purpose of being different.

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