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Thread: to Hate or to Celebrate?

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    LOL!! just found out that it's not really a ZL1 after all - it's an SS cloned to resemble a ZL1. check it out

    Three Things You Didn’t Know About The World’s Worst Custom Camaro ZL1

    #1 – The car is PAINTED, not vinyl-wrapped and this has been officially confirmed by RIDES.
    Don't believe us? Look back at Linny J's video we posted again and notice the gold in the engine bay and trunk. Any vinyl wrap professional will tell you that's virtually impossible to achieve with vinyl. 813 Customs used the Cosmichrome paint and then candied over it to create the shiny gold effect, and you don't even want to know how much a paint job like that costs.

    #2 - It's not a ZL1, it's an SS cloned to resemble a ZL1.
    That being said, we can go ahead and cancel out 50 percent of the genius posts on sites like Jalopnik and Camaro5 where the prolific bloggers so eloquently describe how a limited production future collector car has been desecrated. It's a new school Chevy with cheap plastic and a nice motor, not a classic First Gen with a numbers-matching drive train.

    #3 – We're featuring the car in the next issue of RIDES.
    The owner of 813 Customs and good friend to RIDES, Joe Barravecchio, called the night of the car's completion and we promptly dispatched our photographer, Ravi Angard, to shoot it. Why are we featuring it? We love custom cars and anyone who claims they're into them understands that they come in all forms. And if you're truly apart of this culture, regardless if you have a lifted truck or a stanced tuner, there are elements featured on the ‘King ZL1′ that you can appreciate.

    That behind said, enjoy this exclusive photo of the gold ‘King ZL1′ Camaro as we leave you with our favorite comment from the Jalopnik thread by poster Eggwich McSpencer, "Whoever built this is very skilled, and is a car guy. Whoever ordered this, loves cars, maybe not in the same way as you or me, but still, they love cars, and they are a car guy. You are not better than them, you are just different. Rock on, Gold Camaro Weirdo Guy."

    Full article can be seen here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    LOL!! just found out that it's not really a ZL1 after all - it's an SS cloned to resemble a ZL1. check it out
    Well thank the muscle car gods! Do whatever you want to a clone, that is what they are for, to make winners and losers, the choice is yours!
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    Reminds me of a converstaion I had once with the son of a Saudi prince who's uncle had chocolate specially made with 24 carat gold flakes in it so he could say he shits gold. What I am saying is it looks like a Pile O' S.... to me, but to each is own! I will tip back other one Celebrate baby!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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