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Thread: Project "Thanos" Build

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    Project Thanos Build

    Whelp, I've been on here for a while now, and I've always meant to get a build thread going, but I think I was waiting for a significant mod before doing so, just so the first bunch of updates weren't all minor.

    Most of the work you'll see here I've done with my own two hands and my own tools. Now, I don't know how to weld, so for that and for critically precise implementations like re-gearing, I've relied on a good friend of mine here in Austin with years of experience (and his own shop) to help me out.

    Finally, this project is my first real Jeep project - growing up we always had beaters (jeep and non jeep) we'd wheel in the mountains but nothing I would claim. In my late teens and early 20s I was more into drag racing, so its only been within the last couple years that I've come full circle back into the off-road space.

    All that said, welcome, please enjoy, and thanks for taking the time to follow this build and my journey

    Initial Setup: 2014 Sahara Unlimited
    December 2013
    3.6L Pentasar Engine w/ “NextGen” Dana 30/44 @ 3.73 Gearing

    Modifications at the time of purchase
    • 35″ Kelly Safari TSR Off-road Tires
    • 17″ ProComp "Phantom" Series 5182 series Wheels.
    • Teraflex JK Wrangler 2.5″ Suspension
    • Aries Spare Tire Relocation Carrier
    • Rugged Ridge Third Brake Light Extension
    • Hypertech 752501 Speedometer Recalibrator

    The Plan
    The plan, quite simply, is for this to be a JK Experience capable rig that will also be street legal (non-trailered). The target is 37" tires, with the option to scale to 40" later in a way that my wife's 2 door can inherit the axles/suspension components if/when that bridge is crossed.

    The theme for the jeep is based on a fictional character named Thanos from the Marvel Comics universe. I’m not planning on slapping a giant mural of the guy on the hood, but instead will be taking aspects of the character and personifying them in the Jeep. But even in the subtleties, I still plan on adding a few easter eggs here and there in the build that will be a direct nod to the character.

    Finally, since I don’t have a piles of disposable cash laying about, or sponsorship, I’ll be building the Jeep up in phases, so things can/will change based on new information.

    Phase 1 – Armor and Recovery

    I purchased the Jeep as a dealer-built setup that had some useful modifications done to it that I knew I could later migrate onto a second 2-door Jeep that my wife would eventually buy. So, with a decent 35″ platform already in place, the first place to start was to get some protection around the vehicle, as well as some of the recovery gear and communication equipment.

    So the laundry list for phase 1 looked like this:

    • Cobra 29 LTD BT – Done, but ended up swapping out to a Cobra 75 WX ST for a much cleaner setup without having to mount a big radio. Also learned that the bluetooth feature was pretty useless already having UConnect.
    • Firestik NGP LG4-M2-B CB Antenna– Done
    • AntennaX 13" FM Antenna - Done


    • Poison Spyder Front Crusher Flares (Narrow) - Done
    • Poison Spyder Read Crusher Flares - Done
    • EVO MFG 1/4 Pounder – Done (Customized to fit Zeon winch)
    • EVO MFG Rock Sliders – Done (Welded)
    • EVO MFG LCA Skids - Done (Welded) - Retired w/old Axle
    • EVO MFG Rock Skins – Owned but not Installed Yet

    Phase 2 – Steering Components, Minimal Locker Investment, Cosmetic Upgrades - Completed!

    Phase 2 was spent putting in time on the 35s, looking for gaps in on-board equipment, upgrading the front open diff with a cheap and reusable locker, and beefing up the steering components to prepare for Phase 3. Trying some of the more challenging trails at parks on 35s with the Unlimited wheelbase meant a lot more contact with things like my tie rod and underbelly components. Bashing up a few stock components while putting in the wheel time was part of the plan so I wasn't crunching "the good stuff" aftermarket components later on dumb mistakes.

    Steering & Driveline
    • Synergy Tie Rod – Done
    • Synergy Drag Link – Done (Welded)
    • TeraFlex HD Track Bar - Done
    • Yukon Spartan Locker (Front/D30/3.73) - Done

    • Truck-Lite 7" Headlights - Done
    • ARB Onboard Hi-Output Air Compressor - Done
    • Bestop Safari Top - Done
    • Bestop Tonneau Cover - Done
    • Wayalife Windshield Banner/Side Icon Stickers -Done
    • THANOS Hood Cowl Decals w/"Wrangler Omnipotent" replacement stickers - Done
    • Factor 55 ProLink Shackle Mount - Done

    Phase 3 – Scale to 37", Finish JKX Requirements- Completed! Applied! Update: SELECTED!!
    This is the current phase I'm in now. I have the PR44 and EVO Long Arm kit fully installed (finally!).


    • (Front) Dynatrac ProRock 44 Unlimited w/Reid Racing Knuckles, Synergy Ball Joints, Weld-on Drag Link Flip Bracket, 4.88 Gearing - Done
    • (Front) RCV Axles - Done
    • (Front) ARB Air Locker - Done
    • (Front) Adam's Rear Driveshaft (1350) - Done
    • (Rear) Yukon/Motive 4.88 R&P/Overhaul of stock D44 - Retired; D44 swapped for PRXD60.
    • (Rear) Ten Factory 30 spline Chomo Axle Shafts - Retired; D44 swapped for PRXD60.
    • (Rear) Dynatrac ProRock XD60 - 5x5 bolt pattern, Dynatrac HD Shafts, 4.88 gearing - Done
    • (Rear) ARB Air Locker - Done
    • (Rear) Adam's Driveshafts (1350) - Done

    • Custom Weld-In Exhaust Loop Delete for LA Clearance - Done
    • Nitto Mud Grapplers (37x13.5x17) - Done
    • American Racing ATX Slabs (17x9) - Done
    • Superchips Flashpaq - Done
    • Extended/Steel Braided Brakelines - Done
    • Hi-Lift 48" Jack - Done
    • EVO MFG Tailgate Hi-Lift Jack Mount - Done, Retired to Nebula Jeep.
    • EVO MFG Rear Corner Rockskins - Done
    • EVO MFG Chromoly Sport Cage - Done
    • Drake Offroad Fire Extinguisher Mount - Done


    Phase 4 – Finishing Touches
    The following phase will clean up some odds-and-ends that I would like to have done, but weren't really critical to build out Thanos to support applying for the JKX.



    Phase 5 - One-Ton Swap

    Drivetrain & Suspension

    Wheels & Performance

    Phase 6 - Double-tri rear & the push for 42s
    • (Rear) GenRight 25gal Fuel Cell (stock gas tank delete)
    • (Rear) Rock Kralwer Upper 4-Link Crossmember
    • (Rear) GenRight Coilover Shock Mounts
    • (Rear) X" King Coilovers (depending on available geometry)
    • (Rear) King Air Bump Stops
    • Transfer Case Upgrade (Rubi, Atlas4)
    • 42" Nitto Trail Grapplers
    • (Front) 3 Link?
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    - iRonin aka "Thanos"
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    Phase 1 Part 1

    Cobra CB & Firetick Antenna
    February, 20014
    My first real priority was getting some communications installed in the Jeep. I had a club/newbie run coming up and with it being stupid cold outside I wanted to do my part in limiting how often the trail guides had to stand outside. I went with the Cobra 29 Bluetooth and paired it with a Firestik NGP (no ground plane) antenna. I struggled with where to mount the radio itself as I was seeing most folks with them had a sport cage installed with it mounted overhead. I decided to mount it on my dash but being a JK, I had that tray to deal with. So I ended up drilling a pair of holes up through the tray recess and, using carriage bolts, essentially created a pair of "stilts" for the radio to screw down onto so that it rested level with the dash.


    I also had to be cognizant about how deep the unit sat as the hookups were all in the back, near the glass:

    I don't have a picture of it, but I later also added a cone-shaped rubber bumper to the rear of the unit to act as a bump stop and to smooth out vibration on the trail.

    The rest of my pics on the head unit are all around routing the wires through the firewall, etc. I didn't end up keeping this set up. It did fine on the trail, but having it on the dash did limit a smidge of visibility and I was disappointed in what the Bluetooth functionality ended up being (I thought it was so that I could talk, via app on my phone, or BT headset, on the channel from outside the vehicle) - so I ended up going with the hand-held Cobra 75 WX ST.

    As for the antenna, I went with the NGP solution so that I didn't have to ground it to the body and then later deal with potential interference. It also keeps the coax all one clean line from the antenna to the radio. The trick to it, though, is that it's a fixed length cable so I had to be creative on how I could reasonably route it and mount it to the rear. The cable was not long enough to route through to the tailgate, so I opted to mount it using the hollow stock licence plate housing. Pulling the housing apart, I ran the cable through the existing body hole for the LP light, and then drilled the holes for the elbowed quick release mounting plate.

    This is the mounting plate on the outside of the LP housing before and after attaching the quick-release mount:

    And here is the before and after from the inside:

    Overall I was super impressed with the NGP solution - when I got in and started going through the CB SWF calibration, I remember setting the radio to Channel 1 and then hitting the button and watching as the needle hardly even flinched. Then I set it to channel 40, hit it again and it barely flinched....this was with no adjustment! I thought surely I had done something wrong so I actually drove down to one of the truck-stop gas stations and lurked around in channel 19 until a voice bellowed through, clear as day, asking whether anyone knew if the Subway on Grand Ave was open late.

    I get asked about the LP mount for the antenna a lot,and while I really like it in general, in practice trees dragging the antenna back puts a bit of leverage strain on the housing. I didn't really want to do a big spring thing, so my solution was just to brace the antenna a short ways up with a very small bungee and it seemed to do the trick.

    As I mentioned earlier, I also decided to ditch the big Cobra 29 head unit and go with a smaller Cobra 75. So far on trails I haven't had a problem with range or anything, and I still have access to NOAA weather alerts.

    Here are some daylight pics of the final setup as it stands now a year later:
    <TBD Pic of the Cobra 75>
    <TBD Pic of the Antenna attached>

    EVO 1/4 Pounder Front Bumper
    February, 2014
    Ah,the first real "permanent modification". As you know, this bumper requires you hack your frame horns back a bit, so it was my first time taking things like a sawzall and angle grinder to my otherwise brand-new jeep. I was pretty nervous so I didn't think to take pics of it. So these are the early pics of just the bumper installed.

    I still needed to relocate the vacuum pump. That I Felt a lot more comfortable doing, so I took plenty of pictures of the process. I decided to some custom bracket work of my own and built one from about $6 of aluminum:

    Wroks great, doesn't interfere with where my air compressor was later mounted:

    TeraFlex Quick Disconnects
    February, 2014
    I guess I only have one crappy pic of the disconnects installed, but I actually had an issue where a crossbar in the frame was blocking my swaybar from being able to swing up all the way. I didn't really realize that was a thing until I attended the the newbie run and the guy running it took a look at it (I thought I just installed it wrong lol). So later that evening when I got home I ground it down and made a cheesy video of the process since I didn't see anything out there on the topic:
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    Phase 1 Part 2

    EVO Rock Sliders
    February, 2014
    This is the project that got me in touch with what would be my go-to brother for Jeep wisdom. I wanted to go the weld-on route with them, so I did all the prep and paint work myself, and then asked around until I was put in contact with a shop in town that he was headlining.

    The sliders arrived bare, and from Colorado (Northridge) so understandably there was a little rust to sand off around the welds. I ended up using those sand-grit sponges when I now swear by because you can get them into all the nooks and crannies:

    I personally only had my garage to work with and not a fancy paint booth, so my rigging was the best I could do. I didn't go the powder coating route to save a little dough knowing that these things were meant to be scrached and beat to hell anyways, so the route I decided on was to just prime them up and hit them with textured bedliner. I taped off the attachment ends to leave them bare for the welding later:

    Here's how they looked after their final coat:

    I pulled off the old Sahara side-steps:

    Then I packed up the new sliders and headed out for John's shop:

    This is my first picture of Thanos up on a lift, you can see where we also had the sliders on jack stands to get things into position:

    After clamping things in place the best we could, we found the mounting ends needed a little help to contour to the frame, so a little heat was used to make things easier:

    With everything aligned and clamped, it was time to tack and weld the first slider on!

    For the second slider, I asked if I could watch him weld to get a feel for the process. He was totally cool with it, told me to just squint a little if it gets too bright :

    After his great work, we finished cleaning and painting things up, and a few days later I was back on the trails putting them to work!

    Warn Zeon 10s Winch
    February, 2014

    Now that my rails were safe, the next key component for me was getting a winch to help me in sticky situations. There weren't very many folks in my group running them, so I wanted to be sure I didn't need to depend on others. I opted for the Warn Zeon 10s and got a decent deal on it while they were doing the rebate special. The part where I screwed up was... I didn't see the fine print when i bought the EVO Bumper that it wasn't compatible with the new Zeons. So when the winch arrived and I tried a test fit, I discovered why:

    The footprint of the Zeons was very "centered' and symmetric, whereas typical winch sits justified towards one side. So as you can see in the pictures above, all of the mounting holes were off by about 1-2", and then the winch itself sat so centered that the mouth opening was off by a good 4".

    The Zeons were still pretty new at this point, so when I explained the situation to Northridge, they were pretty cool about offering to take back the winch so I could go with a non-zeon style, but there was a part of me that not only felt responsible cause I should have known better, but was also intrigued by the challenge of overcoming the situation and getting it to work. So I contacted my new best friend at the shop who installed the sliders and ran the situation by him. So I brought it down and we figured out a solution.

    For the mounting points, we simply measured offset needed and tapped new holes:

    As for the mouth, we realized that there was plenty of room and if we simply cut the slot wider, not only would it clear the drum for the winch, but it would look perfectly symmetric. In the pic below, you can see where we drilled and taped a new fairlead hole on the left. You can see the portion of the bumper he would need to cut in the slot:

    The real crazy luck of it was that he just so happened to have a longer 10" custom hawse fairlead that he made for a different project altogether laying around in the shop collecting dust. It was perfect!

    Using the fairlead as a guide, he marked off exactly how much material needed to be removed, then we pulled everything off and used a plasma to elongate the hole:


    After that, I spooled on the synthetic line and slapped it all back together onto the Jeep:

    This combination and what it took to get it done is by far my favorite modification so far. Since then, EVO has released a new revision to the 1/4 pounder that is compatible with the Zeons, but I love the work that went into getting this thing to fit and actually look and perform great in a custom way!

    Thanos Decals
    March 2104
    Working with, I had some custom stickers made in the same Rubicon/Wrangler font to finally brand the Jeep with the Thanos name. I also took the opportunity to include a little Thanos lore easter egg by replacing the "Wrangler Unlimited" side decal with a "Wrangler Omnipotent", in reference to when Thanos finally completed the Infinity Gauntlet and was imbued with absolute power:

    My wife was kind enough to shoot a quick clip of the official christening ceremony:
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    Phase 1 Part 3

    Poison Spyder Flares (Narrow)
    March 2014
    The final bit of body armor on the agenda was to swap out the stock painted flares for steel ones. There's different schools of thought between cutting stock and having them purposely be flexible, but by this point I had been out wheeling enough that I kinda wished I had something more substantial keeping the upper body from leaning too far into walls and creek beds, so I opted to go the rigid route. Since EVO didn't make flares that I could get shipped, I was down to either the Metal Cloak Overline or the Poison Spider Narrows. Ended up linking the PS flares more aesthetically, and MC was on a pretty huge back-order anyways at the time. Never looked back - these things are great!

    There really wasn't a whole lot to this modification process that I bothered to document or photograph. This was the first mod that I involved powder-coating since the flares arrive bare. I found a great company locally that was willing to shoot all 4 and the inner braces/brackets for $200 out the door, so they handled all the prep work as well. So all I really have is a couple of pics of the test fit:

    The fronts were a LOT easier to install than the rears. The fitment on them was just about perfect and the only PITA was getting the rubber gasket to stay in place while mounting them. The rears sucked because although there wasn't a rubber gasket, it was mostly nutserts that didn't want to cooperate very well as things got tightened down.

    In the picture above, you can also see the EVO rock skins that I aspired to mount at the same time, until I realized I made a grave mistake by not doing them before the sliders, which angle upwards and make it so that I wouldn't be able to get the holes drilled straight or the nutsert tool in there, so back in the garage they went. As a cool update though, I was able to meet Mel in Austin a short while ago, and he gave me the brilliant idea of undoing the body mounts and simply raising the chassis up on either side a couple inches to clear the sliders and put the skins on!

    Back to the flares, the powder coat company did a great job, and I was able to check out some of their other colors and identify a few that i will eventually use as accents:

    This pretty much concluded the Phase 1 mods. Dug around a bit and found a good pic from the era:
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    10 characters
    2013 Blue Freedom Edition Unlimited
    Dynatrac Pr44 4.88 ARB 35 Spiline RCVs
    Dynatrac Pr60 4.88 ARB 35 Spiline
    JE Reel 1350 driveshafts
    2.5 Inch Old Man emu lift
    ATX Slab beadlocks
    37" Nitto Trail Grapplers

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    That's a great list. Hope to meet you and check out your rig at the Hidden Falls trip!
    2013 JKU Sport "Spider" with some EVO goodies and a chop here and there

    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    Awesome! thanos has a build thread!!!

    Can't wait to meet this beast at the October Hidden Falls Campout

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    Quote Originally Posted by OscarMike2.0 View Post

    10 characters
    Pics are coming tonight man : )I just ran outta time and have a birthday party to get to, plenty on the way for sure tho!
    - iRonin aka "Thanos"
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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC Wrangler View Post
    That's a great list. Hope to meet you and check out your rig at the Hidden Falls trip!
    Quote Originally Posted by Napalm View Post
    Awesome! thanos has a build thread!!!

    Can't wait to meet this beast at the October Hidden Falls Campout
    Looking forward to meeting y'all too!

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    Phase 2 Part 1

    Phase 2 really kicked in towards the end of the Summer 2014. After wheeling the Jeep every chance I could get at several local parks, I quickly realized that depending on (and waiting for) park-provided systems to air back up was for the birds.

    As the year pressed on into the Winter, I was starting to see where 35" tires on a 4-door was more limited than unlimited as I grew more and more confident in my wheeling and tied to tackle harder and harder obstacles. Additionally, with an Automatic there's only so far pumping your breaks and throttle control can do to compensate for an open front diff. This meant having to bump it more, which also meant putting more....I'll call it "wear and tear"... on some of those low hanging components like the tie rod & steering stabilizer, to the point where I bashed in several stabilizers, had a slight bend in my tie rod, and was beginning to experience Death Wobble.

    It was time for Thanos to beef up.

    Yukon "Spartan" Front Locker
    May 2014
    Not wanting to invest serious money into the front D30, I opted to go with a Spartan. It's cheap enough (300 bucks), reliable (Yukon), and didn't require any additional modifications other than the slightly larger TJ-style carrier. Not wanting to grenade my diff by installing it improperly, I once again communed with the local Jeep deity to get it installed:

    I can't quite remember, but this may have also been when I had him weld on the LCA skids from EVO. What I do know is, after we got the locker installed, we promptly tested it out by doing a little hardcore mall-crawling behind the shop up onto a cinder block:

    My feedback on the Spartan is that I really enjoyed wheeling with it the remainder of the year until I got the PR44, and I highly recommend it as an economical solution to stepping up from open diffs. My personal experience with it is that I didn't get very loud binding/popping like some folks report - I mean I could hear it 'clicking' during tight turns, and turning radius was affected for sure, but I never really felt like it was a burden at all on pavement. The only place it did kind of suck offroad was under load, either on an obstacle, or coming down off a ledge, where I then needed to make some kind of tight turn or adjustment - if it's locked it will fight to keep those wheels straight, and so now I have a definite appreciation for select-ability.

    As a straight up locker though, this thing rocked. I was able to pull myself up onto many more obstacles and use more angling while doing so knowing that I didn't have to worry about one of the front tires not having as good of traction.

    ARB Onboard Hi-Output Air Compressor
    July 2014

    *** Pics Inc ***

    TeraFlex HD Trackbar, Synergy Tie Rod & Drag Link
    December 2104
    I ordered all three components at the same time with the preparation and intent of reusing them once I went to the new axle and bigger suspension and knocked out the installation in the garage:
    2014-12-29 20.04.34.jpg

    The only piece that gave me fits was the drag link - it had an absolute death grip on my pittman arm and although everyone was saying to just give it a few good whacks with a BFG, I was seriously worried I was going to end up doing some damage to it, so I took a trip to Harbor Freight and bought one of these beauties:
    2014-12-30 09.02.33.jpg

    I'll tell you, as i was hitting the spreader bolt with the impact I remember thinking for a half second how much tension there has to be in the damn thing when suddenly KAPOW it went and that drag link end shot down so hard it left a nice divot in the concrete.

    Beyond that, it was a pretty easy job:
    2014-12-30 12.37.25.jpg2014-11-29 12.07.29-2.jpg

    The next day I took it in to dial the toe-in to spec. Oddly enough it seemed like the tie rod came built a little long, so trying to get to .8 was not possible without hacking a small bit of rod off the end so it could be adjusted in further. No big deal. As for the drag link, I love the simplified single-bolt adjustment for the steering wheel. These were pretty much my last upgrades for 2014.

    Factor 55 ProLink Shackle & Rugged Ridge Cowl Body Armor
    January 2015
    Friends and family, happy that places like Northridge have gift cards, made it a Jeepy Christmas for me, so I combined gifts to purchase a couple of nice touches. First, some Rugged Ridge cowl protectors that have been holding up beautifully since then:
    2015-01-05 19.07.38.jpg
    (Full disclosure, I wish I had these sooner. The driver's side one is covering a classic JK dimple from the first time I forgot to secure the door strap. Since then I've had the doors swing open a few times and these do a great job of deflecting the blows without cracking)

    The second thing I got was a ProLink nipple to replace the default Warn hook on the winch:
    2015-01-09 11.48.34.jpg

    I love the utility of it, having used it a few times now to winch. I also love that the line reels in flush and that nothing hangs or needs to be secured to a shackle when not in use.

    January 2015

    My Christmas present to myself was a pair of Trucklites. After several attempts to win a pair during Wayalife, Northridge, and other site promotions to no avail, I broke down and just bought my own. In fact, the Wayalife Trucklite contest back in April was one of the first active threads I participated on when joining the forum yesteryear, where I posted a mock up "sad" version of Thanos with the stock lights:
    D'awww poor kid.

    No tears since Jan tho, the Trucklites were on special at Northridge and they arrived brighten up his day
    2015-01-14 11.14.44-2.jpg

    Halfway through the installation, the before and after:
    ]2015-01-16 17.20.23.jpg
    2015-01-16 17.25.46.jpg

    All done for the night!
    2015-01-16 23.31.56-3.jpg

    I love the lights, buuuut since then the heated versions have come out, and later in Feb when we were getting crazy ice storms, I got to experience first hand the freeze over effect of the regular Trucklites and I have to admit, I kinda want the heated ones. So again, as a finishing touch my wife's Jeep will likely inherit these so I can score the new ones
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