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Thread: Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L Water Pump, Thermostat & Fan Clutch Replacement Write-Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker151 View Post
    Would this write up work for the 4.0 TJ?
    Not really but it's much easier on a TJ. Here's an old write-up I did for one way back in the day. I apologize for it not being as thorough.

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    Great job Eddie. I still prefer pulling the front header panel and leaning the Radiator/AC Condenssor to the front because it give you more room to work and a better angle when getting to bolts but I love all the write-ups and have already emailed this to 2 different XJ guys who were just asking how to do this.

    Keep up the Great work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    You know, you not having AC might in fact be why you don't have an electric fan. Check to see if you have a plug for one over by the radiator fill port - if you do, I might consider getting one as they really aren't that expensive and it would help to keep things cool.
    There is a port and so The Rabid is gonna get a shroud w/electric fan, probably Flex-a-Lite. Thx.
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    Excellent write up. Lots of pics.

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    Nice write up, I'm worn out just be reading this!
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    I just did this on my XJ, but I got a new water outlet as well. The only things I took off were the serpentine belt and mechanical fan. I am a minimalist though

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    Water pump

    I would reccomend spending g a little more and getting a water pump from flowKooler as at low rpm it circulates 3x the amount of water which keeps engine cooler which is very helpful on the trails or out around town

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