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Being that I don't have a Latitude, I can't say for sure. What I know is that for 2015, the Trailhawk was supposed to come with front rotors that were about an inch wider in diameter than a Sport, Latitude or Limited. This was supposed to change in 2016 and ALL Renegades are to come with the same brakes.

That being said, are you running 16" wheels now? If so, I would think you'd be fine. If not, measure your front rotors and if they're 11" in diameter, you will be fine. If they measure 12", you will have the same brakes that we have on our Trailhawk and you will need to run spacers to make the HHR wheels work.
If thats the case ,wouldn't running a 16x6.5 or a 16x 8 with a shallower off set help accomplish the same thing. Weren't those chevy HHR wheels 16x5.5?