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Thread: EXTRA Storage Space : Jeep Renegade Spare Tire Flip Write-Up

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    Cool EXTRA Storage Space : Jeep Renegade Spare Tire Flip Write-Up

    Thanks to a great post made by the member Opus over on ToasterJeep, I decided to do a quick write-up that should be helpful to anyone looking to gain a bit more storage space in their Jeep Renegade. In a nut shell, there's a lot of wasted space under your spare tire and you can reclaim it simply by flipping it over. This is quick and easy to do but you will need to make a trip to the hardware store to pick up 1 new bolt. The following step-by-step instructions will show you just how easy this is to do.

    What you will need
    • (1)M8-1.25 X 65mm Bolt
    • Flathead Screwdriver
    • Hammer

    1. Remove the bolt securing your spare tire to the floor of your Renegade. Then, flip the tire as show.

    2. You will need to keep the plastic floor mount in its place. If you ended up removing this mount with the bolt, you will need to reinstall it as shown.

    3. In order to secure your flipped spare tire to the floor of your Renegade, you will need to acquire a new M8x1.25 x 65mm bolt. This photo will show you what it looks like compared to the factory bolt setup.

    4. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the assembly washer from the mounting bolt.

    5. You can now separate the bolt from the plastic knob by giving it a light tap with a hammer.

    6. Insert the new M8x1.25 x 65mm bolt through the center of the plastic knob and install the large metal washer as shown.

    7. You can now install the assembled mounting bolt and secure your spare tire onto the floor of your Renegade.

    That's all there is to it. You now have a lot more room to store things like recovery gear and tools.

    I hope this short write-up was helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Great write up. I'll probably be doing it in the next few months.
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    EXTRA Storage Space : Jeep Renegade Spare Tire Flip Write-Up

    I will be doing this mod on ours for sure!! Awesome write up

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    Done. This took about 15 minutes. The most time was spent unscrewing the OEM bolt from holding the tire down!!! I should have used a socket & cordless drill!
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    Did this yesterday to my 16 TH. Could not find a 65mm bolt, but 50mm seemed to work fine.

    The plastic floor mount did come out with the original bolt. At first I did not realize that they were threaded toghether. Grabbed the floor mount with vise-grips and gave the plastic knob a twist using some pliers to separate them.

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