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Thread: A Little About Havoc Offroad & WAYALIFE Discount Code!

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    86 website error ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc Offroad View Post
    First, the important stuff... Is there a discount for Wayalife members? Of course there is! Now read very carefully, because it will be very difficult to remember and could be slightly confusing for some. The discount code is "wayalife". This discount code will get you 10% off anything on our site with very few exceptions. The exceptions being manufacturers that won't even let me discount the products to my mom when she walks into the shop. She tried to buy an awesome Warn Zeon Platinum from me the other day. She asked for the family discount. I couldn't give her one without getting in trouble with the manufacturer. She disowned me, but I have to play by the rules!

    They exclude AMP, Bestop, Bully Dog, Bushwacker, Diablosport, Superchips, and Warn off the top of my head. However, on all those products, we promise to have the lowest price allowed by each of those manufacturers! Coupon codes can't be applied on top of other coupon codes, blah, blah, blah.

    Now, on to about Havoc Offroad out of sunny Florida! Wait... what? Florida? It's flat there. Do they really know Jeeps? My staff and I have wheeled all over the country. From the sand and mud in Florida, Georgia clay, red rocks of Moab, mountains of Tennessee, glacial boulders of Rausch Creek, limestone and sandstone of Kentucky, the beauty of the Rockies and Colorado to working the pits of Johnson Valley at the King of the Hammers. No matter what your terrain, we can give advice that will help you conquer any obstacle or any handle any curb at your local mall. From hardcore rock crawlers to show stopping mall crawlers, we do it all!

    Havoc Offroad is part of AutoCustoms, a company headquartered in beautiful Ocala, FL. At Havoc Offroad, we specialize in aftermarket offroad accessories and have dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best shopping experience on the web. How do we do that? By providing you with engaging content, a trained and knowledgeable staff, a safe and secure storefront, and by following our core objectives. Being part of AutoCustoms means that we can help you with your other rigs as well, not just Jeeps!

    • Our foundational commitment is to honor God in all we do. "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility value others above yourselves." -Phillipians 2:3
    • Honor our Employees - By being a fun and energizing place to work, paying well with good benefits and helping each develop personally and professionally.
    • Serve our Customers - By providing a quality of product and level of service at a value that cannot be equaled in the marketplace.
    • Be a Light - By giving back to our community, honoring our supplier relationships, doing business fairly even if it puts us at a competitive disadvantage and always striving for excellence.

    We are a group devoted to bringing you the best experience on the web or in person at our store located in Ocala Fl. Built upon a common love of Jeeps and going offroad, we are a group of enthusiasts that has a simple goal: to make sure you love your Jeep as much as we love ours. Through hands on training and through learning in the field on our own adventures, we strive to be the authority on each and every product we sell. If we don't know it, we won't sell it. That's one of the reasons why our team is so good at what they do. There is no one that is an expert on everything out there. That's simply impossible to do, but there is going to be someone here that knows the answer to a question. The main thing I always tell our team is that if you don't know the answer, ask another member on the team. It's my goal to always get you the best information possible.

    Our core values are an extremely important part of who we are and how we do business. Each of our employees reflects these values, something we hope you see each and every time you interact with us.

    • Excel - Strive to be the very best in everything you do.
    • Serve - Put other's needs in front of your own. Fellow employees, customers, suppliers.
    • Learn - Read. Value education. Maximize your God given gifts and potential. Mentor someone and help them learn.
    • Lead - Your family, your sport, your club, your team, this company. We want to lead the industry in any business category we enter.
    • Innovate - Think. Create. Do. Never Settle.
    • Give - Your very best. Your time. Your energy. Your skills. To your family, your church, your community, the needy.
    • Transform - Expect change. Embrace it. Make it.

    Throughout the entire company, we take these values as what drives us. I always expect you to have a positive experience when dealing with our company. We go so far as to even have a "Director of WOW" in addition to a customer service manager that is a real position at our company. We're all human and things happen, but on the very slim chance that it does, you can be rest assured that it will be made right. It's who we are and what we do!

    We have a great media department constantly shooting new videos for product reviews and installation help. I think our team is one of the best in the business. Perhaps not on the same level as Eddie and Cindy, but we all have goals! Subscribe to our channel and see what we come up with next!

    And heck, which I'm on the shameless self promotion kick for the moment... give us a like on Facebook!

    Thank you all and we look forward to working with you and being part of the community!
    Hello Havocoffroad,
    I am trying to create an account on your website but it is not allowing me too do so. In addition the code "Wayalife" does not seem to work. If you can shine some light that would be helpful. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clutch View Post
    Has it been "down" for a while? I haven't been able to see the builds or find any lift kits, etc. on it for at least a week.

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    I think it was last Wednesday or Thursday that the other products went off the site. There was some confusion in the way we presented some stuff which made it hard to tell if a certain part was the correct part for a particular year. Feel free to call us for any lift you'd like and that 10% off in the meantime.

    Quote Originally Posted by RollingThunder89 View Post
    Hello Havocoffroad,
    I am trying to create an account on your website but it is not allowing me too do so. In addition the code "Wayalife" does not seem to work. If you can shine some light that would be helpful. Thank you
    Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'll get the web team on that asap. Promo code should be active again tomorrow as well. If anyone has placed any orders with us while the code didn't work in the last week, please PM me and I'll get your card a refund for the 10%.

    EDIT: wayalife promo code is now verified to be working again. Thank you everyone for your patience!
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    Hmm something seems to be messing up on my phone. They don't have a listing on their page for lift kits for jeep at all

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    Awe I am going to slow for your tastes? well to bad if I ain't being paid I ain't in no hurry lol

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