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    That is awesome, I wonder if they will create different rated trails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CedarRaider View Post
    Michigan has them it's a use pass for certain areas (dunes/trails). It's a once a year sticker that helps pay for various maintenance and such. It's like 30-40 bucks. I think if you get caught without one they can hit you with decent fines.

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    OK. Thanks for the reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddays View Post
    That's awesome. Wish Pa would do something like this. Minnesota is a gorgeous state. Only bad thing is that the trail goes to North Dakota
    x2, lived in Fargo, ND for 5 years, glad to be back in Oregon again. The northern part of MN is very nice though, especially around fall.

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    Just got more word on this "trail" it's really just going to be a designated scenic route across the state utilizing dirt roads. This is MN's idea of off-roading. Been trying to get out largest off-road park expanded for 10 years at a snail's pace but tons of money will be dumped into this project instead.

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