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    Quote Originally Posted by catahoula View Post
    I got sticker shock on a new 2 door for around 33,000. Dealer put on a lift and new tires and wheels and NOW asking close to 43,000! Hell, my 2011 went for 26,000 brand new. I can see the price point of this truck being higher. It would be nice to have one....but not that nice.
    same here when I went down and looked back in march a new jkur was priced in the upper 30's lower 40's depending on options , I spent mid 40's for it lifted with the custom wheels /tires, winch , bumpers , and roof rack .. one I had looked at with a bigger lift outfitted by aev was up in the mid 80's with a stock front bumper .......

    just read another article on msn that put the grand wagoneer at upwards of 130 k loaded out ....

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    Looks like a 1500 Ram that they put a Wrangler body on. I'll pass. Take a JKU and make it 2 door with a bed and I'm in. Much like Resq1.

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