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Thread: PLEASE - DO NOT Post Up GPS Coordinates or Trail Directions on WAYALIFE

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    This has been said usually at the beginning of a lot of the destinations and beyond threads started by Eddie. Do not give out the GPS coordinates! Shame that all that history is now gone.
    I like to see what your insides look like, you know as in xrays, cat-scans, MRIs and such.

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    Nothing like viewing history without the tagging from assholes.

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    This is so true. Around my area, there used to be a few trails. Within the past few years they have all been shut down due to assholes ruining them.

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    Really disappointing to see things like that take place. I was raised in the mountains of Colorado and California. My farther was a geologist and made sure to show my brother and I all the wonders he could drag us to, whether we wanted to go or not. We went to ghost towns, abandoned mines, abandoned homesteads and points of interest in all the western states. Those are some of the best memories I have of him.

    I used to work with a woman who runs a website dedicated to the trails in several western states, she does manages it on her free time and updates it often and does it because she loves to explore. I remember when I started wheeling back in the 90's I had a book that I treated like gold, and it had trails all over Colorado. Sadly some of those trails are now gone, either from environmental jack wagons, flood damage, fires or vandalism. It seems to me that there are a growing number of people out there that seem to have no regard for these types of things, whether it is historical sites or natural sites.

    All that being said, I do understand why mine shafts are closed off. Especially vertical ones. They can be cool to explore but also very dangerous. I can recall wandering through one many years ago and coming across a vertical shaft that went down 30+ feet that my friend almost did not see. It is now collapsed and that shaft is no longer accessible and, at least for that one, I am grateful.

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    Totally get it. A lot of people are assholes, and tear up and wreck things, thinking it's cool or fun.

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    This is an epidemic in our area as well, mostly with shooters, I go to places that were cool as a kid and now they have hauled there junk appliances out there to shoot at, and leave spent shells everywhere. Kind of like the lack of appreciation and respect for the Police. When did parents stop teaching respect??? seems like it gets worse with younger generation...sad!

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    The problem is once it's on the internet it never leaves. You almost need to pm the info to people or talk to them like we used to do.

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    Some of our best trips have been by not using the internet. Just going to an area and grabbing a map book. Talking to locals is one of my favorites. They always have such great recommendations that you can't get on the internet. Personal experiences that they want you to experience also.

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    It's a real shame places are being destroyed.. This ruins it for everyone.

    So, how do you guys feel about in person ? If you came across a solo Jeeper that had traveled thousands of miles and wanted to wheel in the area.. Would you share where trails were ? I don't mean special restricted places, just local trails ?

    If someone showed up here I hate to say it but unless you were local you would find no trails. It took me years to find them myself.

    The population is low where I live and there are no regualations for wheeling. I could see if hundreds of people came here wheeling it could cause locals to enforce laws and ban trails.

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