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Thread: HEADS UP : Forum Upgrades in Progress - COMPLETED

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    Lol nice to know now . This is the only thing that keeps me up at night for night shifts, last night was a long one.

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    Upgrades are always a good thing. Hopefully you didn't have any drop ins to see what was up lol

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    No worries and thanks for the upgrade! Also, just curious, are you guys hosting this yourself out of a server you own? Moving it to the cloud could make your life much easier. A thought to consider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuicksilverJK View Post
    Upgrades are always a good thing. Hopefully you didn't have any drop ins to see what was up lol
    Oh shit, the site is back up? I may as well turn around then. Thanks QuicksilverJK for saving me a trip.
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    Upgrades are good, whether server or jeep. Thanks for keeping us informed and providing this service! You are appreciated.
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    No worries, it will be worth it at the end....At least it gave me some time to spend with the Wifey while waiting for the upgrades / site to be back on.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Hey everyone, Cindy and I want to apologize for the forum being down from about 11 PM-PST Friday night till about 7:30 AM-PST on this Saturday morning. We've acquired a new more and more powerful server and had to take things down while we made the swap over to it and made updates to the forum software. Unfortunately, you may experience some additional hiccups over the next 48 hours or so as we continue to make updates. Again, we apologize for the trouble and hope to get things running smoothly again as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Eddie & Cindy

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    Improving upon perfection? That's truly the Jeep Wayalife.

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    Was wondering what was happening this morning. Then I tried logging out and then logging back in. So that you know, the "update" notification message appeared when I logged back in and it all made sense.

    Just thought I'd let you know the message was/is working.

    Any public facing updates we might notice or all behind the scenes interface stuff? In any case, thanks for keeping WAL as powerful as possible for us all.
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    Good to hear for about the upgrades Eddie
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    How dare you interrupt my free access to your site!! 🤓 seriously though, thank you both for providing this awesome online sanctuary for all of us to enjoy.

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