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Thread: 2016 SEMA : KEG Artic Frog Jeep JK Wrangler on Tracks

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    This thing was headed to CO right after the show. Keg was taking it and a professional video crew (from Velocity channel I think) to get it in action. They have a clip of it going thru Vegas already - crazy looking. I think they said up to 45 mph for 15 minutes on pavement - I'm sure it's better in snow. I agree with the so-wrong-it's-right feel of the build. Keg Media does TONS of renderings/concepts for SEMA. Eventually the Frog is to be auctioned for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

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    I still hate the Vader mask. I just can't get over how fugly it is....
    I bet you measure your dick from your asshole. -piginajeep

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    I love Mattracks. And white jeeps, but I will pass on the outside parts.

    Do the speed bumps at the mall count as crawlin?


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    [QUOTE=wayoflife;791159]... I have to say, it just might be the only Jeep at the 2016 SEMA show that looks somewhat correct wearing a Fab Four Darth Vader mask.

    This is because the bumper design is a direct copy of a much older piece that you used to see on TJ's and CJ's called - a snow-plow. LOL. One could argue a direct lineage to the 'cattle catchers' fixed to the front of steam engines as they criss-crossed the Western Territories. Either way, useless for moving snow and I expect even worse at protecting you from cows, it's a damn good thing it's so attractive or you'd be looking at the kind of error history would record as utterly destructive of brand credibility and loyalty.

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