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Thread: Search Feature

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    I wondered what all the whining was about. I have been using the search function since I joined, and while that is not a long time, I found it to work just fine.
    You just have to know to filter the results, like most any other search.

    Of course it works best when the thread title is a good description of the question, problem, or advice given or asked. Eddie's posts should be an inspiration to all, as they always spell out the pertinent information so that it is easy to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeruGE*144 View Post
    Let’s say I know there’s a great thread about death wobble on here. I go to search type in ‘death wobble’ and that’s what I get.

    Like wtf is that, fuck this app am out I can’t find shit.
    But wait, what does that little button in the corner do?

    No shit, there is options to modify my search to help me find shit easier, am so dumb, omg, duh.

    Oh look, that’s exactly what I am looking for, I love this app

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    Nice Matt, ya just keep teaching me new things lol. Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGS View Post
    I honestly had no idea about the funnel icon trick. 🤯
    Same here. But even my sub par google ninja skills have gotten me by.
    en hopup veritas

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighwayTrout View Post
    What’s funny is how a solution or advice was given to just work with what you got. Of course instead of taking that advice you needed to add your two cents worth of licks to the dead horse.
    Seems you needlessly added your two cents as well. Good day sir

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    Search Feature

    🤷*♂️.... who changed my emoji? Wtf you guys

    Just my 2 cents

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    They actually worked. Learn something new everyday.

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