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Thread: JANE... a CALAMITY No More!

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    Very clean build, I like clean builds.

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    Looks great! Nice work

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    Thank you everyone, we're so glad that you like how she came out. She's not quite a frame off resto-job but rather, freshened up a bit with a few modern touches.

    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Very pretty. Amazing rebuild. Looks like you put new exhaust on as well? And what's up with the winch? Are you re-finishing that too?
    Quote Originally Posted by NecessaryEvil View Post
    Wow, beautiful! So cool to see it finished to this point!! Do you plan on putting the winch back on (given its still useful). Turned out great!
    Yes, we want to clean up our WARN 8074 winch before reinstalling it. We'll most likely install a synthetic line on it too.

    Quote Originally Posted by GraniteCrystal View Post
    Looks great Eddie! She's coming together beautifully. Should bring her to EJS in the spring.
    LOL!! That would be cool but a hell of a long drive being that we never trailer anything if we can help it and being that EJS is so late this year, without AC, that would be a tough one

    Quote Originally Posted by cavfighter View Post
    Jane looks great! Awesome watching the progress than seeing her driving down the road the other day.
    It was way cool to pass by you on our maiden voyage

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalums View Post
    Looks amazing! Good job. 1 question tho is the oil pressure gauge supposed to be a white /yellow light as compared to the other green lit gauges? Did it come factory that way?... I'm being serious by the way I don't know much about CJ's
    Unfortunately, the previous owner had replaced the oil gauge with some cheap Autozone gauge. I was able to find a Stewart Warner replacement but it didn't come with a green lens. I'm hoping to track one down.

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    Wow great job guys! She looks amazing love the truck-lites on the old iron!

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    Wow, reminds of my first CJ-5 that I owned. I bought it in Oklahoma and made road trips to Alabama and Cali in that thing with no top.

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    She looks awesome!!

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    That is a sweet restoration.......nicely done. Original decals, when the paint cures, will add even more visual appeal.

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    Pretty awesome guys!!

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    It's getting there...

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    Wow! She looks great! And damn that was fast... great job!

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    Beautiful. Now I'm frantically looking for a CJ5 for sale locally. Need one.

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