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Thread: Dana 30 with 35' long have you been running this set up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walldog View Post
    Mine held together for nearly 5 years till I started getting silly with it Attachment 237111

    Attachment 237112

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    Dang. What did you do, put some kind of limiting strap on until it could be fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    I've done it on my old 2009 JKU and it'll hold up fine with 35's especially if you stick to 4.88 gears or lower and keep the front diff open.
    I was going to run the 3.73's for now.

    Quote Originally Posted by AllAmericanInfidel View Post
    I think it will be fine Pete. I ran 35s on Crystal most of her life and had only one issue, which was the passenger side I joint failure. Once replaced, it never gave me issues again. I'd say 35s with a D30 are fine as long as you keep it 4.88 or less, as Eddie mentioned. Oh, and your rig would look sweet on 35s, so stop thinking about it and do it already! Lol.

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    I remember you had something wrong with yours and could not remember Joe. I am hoping soon for the 35's. I got my dog a ramp so I can go higher now!
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    I have 60,000 miles on my dana 30, with both 35s and 37s, 5.13 gears and an open diff. I use my JKU as a daily driver and on rocks/trails a few times per year.

    When i wheel "slow and steady" is the mantra and you will be OK. Never try to backup over an obstacle or pull someone out in reverse or it will be TKO for that r&p.

    I welded gussets on the Cs and installed synergy ball joints at 20k miles.

    Planning on going to a PR44 in the next few weeks to correct the caster and pinion angles and strengthen the weak point which is R&P with 5.13s. If it wasnt for the lack of caster i would drive it until i break it.

    If I were you I would weld gussets on the Cs and call it a day until it breaks.

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    4 years and 24K miles. Most of it with factory 3.73. Got 4.56 installed a few months back. I also had an eaton elocker installed in the rear d44 and left the front d30 open.

    Hopefully it'll last me another 4, because I'm pretty broke nowadays. hahaha.

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    Im a budget build so I run what I brung which is a 07 Sahara with stock 4.10's on 315's. I think ive beat the piss out of it pretty well by trying to keep up with the big boys and am still going. Unfortunatley, im one of those that cant buy it on a want it has to become a necessity. Im just going to keep going until the big bang happens one day. Ijust know I cant turn anything bigger than 35's, 4.88's, and no locker.

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    35s 3.73s D30 20,000 miles

    East coast guy so my hard wheeling isn't west coast hard wheeling but so far so good.


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    25k miles with 35's. Only upgrade is 4.56 open gears. I recently replaced the stock ball joints but that's it. I don't let my front wheels spin a whole lot unless it's very loose terrain. You guys won't like this, but I've jump mine about 15 times mostly with a sloped landing. There was once or twice where I had a few rough landings. Now that I think of it, I did start a thread asked no if I had broken plug welds. Haven't fixed it yet. Mine is a daily driver too.

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    I daily my jk. Ive put about 24k miles on it with 35s and beaten it with only c gussets. Also regeared to 4.88 but open carrier, it can take some abuse. When my 35s wear out ill go to 37s and will see if it lasts until I can get a Pr44

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    Mine has gone 55k miles with no issues. I did install the Evo gussets and sleeves along with Dynatrac Prosteer ball joints.

    I am now at 60k miles with a new Unlimited Prorock!

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    D30 on 35x12.50r17. Like said before. The d30 can take some abuse. But knowing your vehicles limit is key.

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