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Thread: Tj lift kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget View Post
    Okay so any Plush ride equivalent coils for he TJ?

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    OME or Clayton may be good options for springs. Sorry your post got all fucked up.

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    Tj lift kit

    And to answer your question Gadget, thought I read somewhere that Rancho coils are similar or Evo coils are made by Rancho? Someone feel free to correct me as I may be totally wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget View Post
    Okay so any Plush ride equivalent coils for he TJ?
    A lot of time has passed since I had my TJ but back in the day, I found Full-Traction coils to ride really nice. Unless they've changed their spring rates since then, they are what I would recommend. The only softer coil I've run back then were BDS but they were too soft and sagged way too much.

    I should also note, how tall you go on your TJ will effect your ride quality as well. The TJ has really really short control arms and if you go 4" or taller, they will sit steep enough to give you a sub-standard ride. This is where a long arm kit can really make a difference.

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    I've had 4 different setups on my old TJ with parts of each in each setup.
    1. Skyjacker 4" springs and shocks. With skyjacker fixed lower control arms (poly bushings). It had a tc lowering kit as well. I bought the jeep with this setup and it was absolutely horrible. Even coming from the YJ world before.......

    2nd. Setup. Skyjacker springs, rancho 5000 shocks, kept the fixed lower control arms and installed my sye from my old YJ. Also installed a re front adjustable tb, to remove the drop pitman arm. Rode better but still was not what I was looking for.

    3rd. Setup. Skyjacker springs, bilstein 5100 shocks and Currie control arms. Kept the rest of the stuff. It was very good and the best so far for my preference.

    4th. Setup. Changed the springs to Currie 4" and kept the rest. In my preference it was the best I could do without going to a longarm setup.

    I was going to add a rk long-arm setup after to try and get a even better ride, but decided to sell it as the thing started to need more work to other areas (rust) that didn't make sense to do at the time with a toddler and a second baby on the way. It was my daily driver too.
    Like everyone before, you can do a short or long-arm setup. It just depends on your ultimate goal. I like the playing and trying stuff to see what I liked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geomoutj View Post
    Hey Guys,
    Which is the best 4" lift kit for the tj?
    OP, I moved the troll posts to the infirmary.

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