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Thread: VIDEO : CALAMITY JANE - The Home Stretch of Our Jeep CJ5 Renegade [Part 6]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeJkUnlimited View Post
    Another great video!!
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by cozdude View Post
    Loved watching this!! It literally put a smile on my face when you got the first fender back on and said "Jane is starting to look like a Jeep again"
    LOL!! It really was a moment of truth especially being that Jane had been grill-less, fender-less and hood-less for so long.

    Quote Originally Posted by frenchjk View Post
    That's a great job. One question, while the body was loose why not lift it off, paint each part separately, paint the frame, and reassemble. I know it is a pain to unplug the dash and harnesses on old iron but it iron out lots of future gremlins......
    We had the dash and harness apart and had thoroughly examined everything and determined that it wasn't necessary. It was never our intent to make this a full frame off restoration - just to "breath a little new life into some old iron".

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    She is looking great and love the update videos!

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    Great restoration and vids. I wish you many years of pride, satisfaction and joy that comes from a restoration project like this. Looking real good.

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    Great to see all the hard work paying off. Looks great on it's way to paint! My first Jeep was an '83 CJ-7 that my Dad keeps on the ranch. Love watching this Jeep come back to life!

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    Another great video. I have enjoyed watching the restoration.

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    As always, great videos coming out of the wayoflife cameras. #neverstop

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    A lot of hard work i'm sure. But I sure loved watching the videos. Keep up the great work.

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