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Thread: NEW Jeep JL Wrangler SPY SHOTS - Removable Hard Top Panels & Side Steps

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    Quote Originally Posted by aTX427 View Post
    I'm interested in the diesel version as a daily, but it will be a while for the aftermarket to catch up. The JK took 5-6 years before it could contend with a TJ for less than half the price. I am sure it will grow on me like most new cars do, but I suspect the electronics will be the most limiting factor in building one out of the gate.
    The JK was more capable than the TJ out of the box though
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    there is supposed to be a diesel version but I will never buy a noisy smelly diesel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocksalt View Post
    there is supposed to be a diesel version but I will never buy a noisy smelly diesel

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    Ford or Chevy may smoke and make a lot of noise and stink like crap

    Stand next to a Mercedes Benz sprinter diesel with blue tech
    The noise is not there. Not a mechanical injection pump electric & they they run cleaner than a gas motor

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    Lol not that won't be the case. The TJ to JK was totally different. This will be a lateral move. And your crazy if you think it took the JK 5-6 years to compete with a TJ.

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    Fair enough. I have to agree with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtpedersen View Post
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    Driving north on I-75 around 9a, yesterday, heading to Rocks & Valleys.

    I have to hand it to FCA. Normally when we're this close to a release, there've been photos already, and pre-production units are seen in the region without covers. We're just ~3 months from public availability and they're still keeping it under wraps. I remember stumbling across a dozen Camaros in Stockbridge, years ago (current gen), about 6 months before release. It was a big photo opp event for the journalists. Was cool. Not so with JL.
    Thanks for the post! This is one of the biggest things I miss about living near Detroit. Seeing all of the new cars running around! We used to go drive around the GM proving grounds to try and see stuff. In '85 we saw them driving a convertible vette around outside the proving grounds.(for you non-vette fans, that was a year before they came out).

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    I did not get a picture of it, but I saw two JL test rigs driving towards me. It was very clear that they have a soft top similar to what the Jeep Liberty has with the retractable top with the roll bar incorporated into the body. They were closed, so I couldn't tell if they accordion back or go into a roll. But it looks like the rumors were true.

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