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Thread: VIDEO : CALAMITY JANE - A Calamity No More / Our Jeep CJ5 Renegade Completed [Part 7]

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    looks great!

    Jane looked so small when you were driving it back from the paint shop

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    A fantastic video and a fantastic Jeep! I'm pretty sad that this is the last one but I look forward to all the places you'll take Jane!
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    Great work! Jane looks awesome now. I like that you included some comparison shots at the end as it is a huge difference.

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    Like always, great video! I loved this series.

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    Awesome video, looks like fun working on a classic jeep!

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    That, right there, is a bucket list item for me! Might sound weird to some, but I can't think of many better ways to spend time. Congratulations to Eddie and Cindy on a job well done and thank you for sharing your journey as it has been truly inspiring!

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    So much talent!!! Great build and awesome video guys!!!

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    VIDEO : CALAMITY JANE - A Calamity No More / Our Jeep CJ5 Renegade Completed [Part 7]

    Love love love it!!! Jane looks amazing!!! The before and after shots at the end of the video was a really nice touch! Also Tessa looked like a pig in shit riding in the back!

    Also thank you for all your hard work restoring Jane and using companies like omi axid! This is the only way we are able to keep this amazing old iron on the roads!

    Cindy, amazing work on the video! You really are talented!!!
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    She looks amazing Eddie! The love and work shines through the videos. Thank you for bringing all of us along with via recording.
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    Thank you everyone, we're so glad that you enjoyed watching our video series on Jane. While it was a ton of work to do, we had a lot of fun doing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Great work, you guys. Beautiful Jeep. Question, where did you get that punch at (before drilling the holes)? And does it work on thicker steel like .125 ?
    I've had it for well over 20 years and I don't remember where I got it from but I do use it for all my drilling needs and I'd think you could find them at most hardware stores.

    Quote Originally Posted by jkris View Post
    I don't know if Eddie has a better one, but I picked my center punch up at Home Depot for around $15 and used it to mark where I needed to drill on my frame rails of my JK.

    Eddie and Cindy, I love how Jane turned out. Incredible work and attention to detail. Thank you for sharing all the hard work! It is a very beautiful Jeep!
    And there you have it, Home Depot for $15
    Thank you for the kind words too

    Quote Originally Posted by benatc1 View Post
    Man what a project!! That last test drive seemed a lot toastier than the drive home front he paint shop... she looks great, awesome work and looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store next!
    LOL!! We literally just filmed those last shots and yes, it has been much nicer out

    Quote Originally Posted by calgaryjeep View Post
    Yeah - Eddie and and Cindy...

    I've been watching these as they come out while you've been working on this and you've done a really beautiful job.

    I'm sure you're already proud of the work you've done, but it's also nice to hear the feedback of others and I honestly think what you've done here is beautiful and really amazing.
    Thank you, we certainly do what we do for ourselves but it is nice to hear compliments like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy5160 View Post
    Wow Wow Wow
    This is fantastic how you two were able to breath life back into Jane. May be one day I can meet her in person!
    Nothing else to add enjoy your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you're out in our neck of the woods, let us know.

    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaJK View Post
    That really turned out to be a great series of videos! Awesome work on Jane. Hope to see more soon!
    We're glad you enjoyed it and we definitely have more projects in the works.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAGS View Post
    In all honesty, that was a great closing video. You guys did such a awesome job on the restoration.

    Must say, I cringed a little watching you drill the new paint and putting everything all back together. If it were me, I'd have fucked up the new paint job for sure. Lol.

    It was really to fun to watch the series. Makes me want a a bigger garage.
    LOL!! Drilling into something you just spent so much time to make look nice is always hard to do.

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