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Thread: Fuel filler spitting up

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    Here is a screenshot I took 27-March-2014 in case I ever needed it

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    Google Chrysler tsb 14-001-13 and 14-003-12

    Depending on the date your rig was built, one of these should apply. You can find the build date on your driver side door jamb sticker. My '08 had the issue. I had a couple other recalls to get checked out so I asked the dealership to fix my fuel filler hose while my Jeep was there. They were aware of the tsb already. For vehicles the tsb applies to, the warranty for that specific issue is extended for the life of the vehicle. They treated it basically the same as recall work and I wasn't charged anything.

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    Fuel filler spitting up

    Mine been doing it too I was wondering what was wrong with it. I'll have to bring it in to get fixed. I'm glad I read this thread.

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    Mine only spits up when the weather is below 50*, after awhile you'll learn exactly how many gallons are in the tank by looking at the gage and stop fueling just before you fill all the way up.
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    Im glad its not just a me kind-of thing, was certain I knew how to fill up a vehicle. Now that I know its the jeep and not me, not sure if I'm going to do anything about it ha!

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