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Thread: VIDEO : GO WIDE - Why You Want a 72.5” Dynatrac XD60 / PRO 1550 Front Axle

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    VIDEO : GO WIDE - Why You Want a 72.5” Dynatrac XD60 / PRO 1550 Front Axle

    For the most part, the only effective way to run really big and wide tires on a Jeep JK Wrangler is to have them mounted on wheels with very little back spacing. Of course, it's practically a necessity when you're running something like an EVO Double Throw Down coil over system and while they may get the job done, they're far from a perfect solution and not without their consequences. Certainly, the more you offset the center line of your wheels, the more stress you put on things like your ball joints, wheel bearings and even tie-rod and this is to say nothing about how they'll effect your ability to steer. It's because of these issues that Dynatrac decided to challenge what we've all come to accept as normal and design a better solution using their awesome XD60 front axle. As luck would have it, Cindy and I would get a chance to help them out and with the assistance of Rubicat.

    In this video, you'll get a detailed look at the design, development and building of a 72.5" Dynatrac XD60 front axle complete with PRO 1550 steering knuckles, setup to be run with an EVO DTD coil over system and optimized for Trail Ready beadlock wheels that have 5.5" of back spacing. We hope that you'll find this video to be educational and that you enjoy our presentation.

    For more information and to see more pics of this awesome version of the XD60 front axle, simply click on the link below:
    REVERE THE STEER - Rubicat Going Wide with 72.5" Dynatrac XD60 / PRO 1550 Front Axle

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    Very cool video, cool to see the inside process of it all!

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    Wow! Awesome video! Super informative what a killer product! Drooling 🤤

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    This was crazy informative, great video! The production was really good

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    Awesome stuff! Thank you!

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    Love these videos. Great work.
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    Great video. Definitely cool to see a quality axle being built.

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    Great video! It's also great to see a company that keeps moving forward in their designs and engineering. Looks like every part of that new axle is stronger, lighter and able to perform better.

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    Great video! Crazy the amount of engineering that goes into making Dynatrac the axle of choice for most. Very impressive

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