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Thread: How I can get involved.

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    I just looked and I have just over 9000 posts. I pretty much didn't know shit about jeeps when I first joined. I know just slightly more than that now.

    Here's the thing though. There are some great folks on the forum from all walks of life and from all over the country. Thus, we have threads about everything from Jeeps to a thread just about sunrise/sunset pics. Post whatever you are comfortable posting at first. Check out the 8th slot sub forum threads.

    Most important, try not to take this place too seriously. Don't get too offended by people's posts. Have a sense of humor and a good attitude. Learn about Jeeps, because that's what we all enjoy and brings us together. Respect the rules and forum admins (or choose not to and simply find another forum).

    That's my $0.02 for a member starter kit. Keep those things in mind and this will be a fun place to kill endless hours.

    And most important, welcome to WAL.
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    I started out on here just asking questions, introducing myself and getting to know others on here. As I picked up knowledge, gained experience and ran into things building my own rigs, I found places to help others out and make suggestions. I still ask a lot of questions because even if it doesn't pertain to me, I still have a lot to learn and want to know others experiences. Also, there are plenty of other threads that you can participate in, such as sunsets, cloud pics, overland/camping gear, fishing, music etc. I'm my opinion, it's almost a better way to get to know people when we're not talking about Jeeps. Knowing a lot of us have more than Jeeps in common is a good thing IMO.
    I'd say that's one of the things a lot of shit starters on here don't get. They come on, spew some bullshit or get called out, and were somehow the assholes. What they forget is that we are a well established community, many of us having met each other in person and wheeled together. Many become good friends outside of the forum as well. I'd say to become part of the community, get to know folks, participate in other threads until you feel comfortable participating in Jeep specific threads, and understand that we will sometimes have a difference in opinions. That's ok, it's the internet. Next thing you know, you'll be an old timer here lol. Welcome to the WAYALIFE family!

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    Welcome to WAL! I'll be moving to Washington in September, we will have to grab some beers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warebear View Post
    Welcome to WAL! I'll be moving to Washington in September, we will have to grab some beers!

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    Hell yeah!

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    Great advice

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