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Thread: VIDEO : DON'T DO THAT AGAIN - Flopping a TJ on Poison Spider Mesa

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    Unhappy VIDEO : DON'T DO THAT AGAIN - Flopping a TJ on Poison Spider Mesa

    It's doesn't matter if you're new to the world of off roading or a long time seasoned veteran, rolling or flopping a Jeep is something that can happen to any one of us and more times than not, it's on a obstacle that we've done a hundred times before. On a recent trip to Moab, our good friend Dave Logan attempted to climb one such obstacle, a slick rock dome on the Poison Spider Mesa Trail and unfortunately, his number had finally come up. In this short clip, you'll get to see how he laid his TJ on it's side. Fortunately, everyone was okay and the only thing that really got hurt was a hard top and a bit of pride.

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    Glad everyone is OK.

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    I always tell my wife as a Jeeper it's not a question of "if" I roll the Jeep it's a question of "when"... Nevr done it But I've seen some of the best have it happen.

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    Ouch. Glad everyone is okay. It did look like a graceful flop though.

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    Dang, glad they were ok, looks like he almost saved it actually. Hard tops can be fixed much easier than people. Like you said a constant reminder of what can happen when your out there, you just never know

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    Ouch, that hurt just watching that.. I hope I never do that.. so glad everyone was ok.

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    Too soon for memes?

    That's sucks. Glad everyone is okay.

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    Glad no one was hurt and wow it can happen in a heartbeat.

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    Oh man, what a bummer. Glad to hear that everyone is okay and that there was minimal damage. From the video he didn't seem to see it coming. So many times you are looking at sky but I'm sure at some point he figured he was going over. Almost seemed like he was heavy in the back. Hope that is the last flop of the trip. Have fun and be safe out there.

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    Glad no one was hurt. That happened so quick. Thought he was good for a second!

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