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Thread: Finally let the wife drive

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    Today, the wife and I hit up our local trail, Santiago Canyon in Orange County. It's a great trip because it's close to home.
    The first time we went out to the canyon a few years ago, it was a bit different than it is today. The county has done some serious grading to the main road, and has opened up some areas that they usually would block off on the side of the roads whenever they'd come around for maintenance. We were happy to see that they left an entrance and exit into the off road playground that is the canyon. The area is a total blast, not to mention deep back in the canyon, it gets real thick with foliage and is a nice drive on a sunny day.
    Now if your in the mood to do a little trail climbing, then you need not go far because right in the middle of the canyon is the beginning of a trail that meets up with the Joplin Truck Trail; a nice long ride. So as for today, I thought I would let the wifey drive. With some direction, she did a great job.
    Here are some pictures of our little day adventure. I hope you enjoy them.
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    Its always good to get away for a day. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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    Did a little Valentines River Bottoms Run In Southern Minn
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    Cool pics man seems like good wheeling spot

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